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Are the good times over for Warrington?


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Can't believe they got battered by a second rate Widnes team today.

Paying the penalty for not strengthening dueing the close season.

Today with out Hodgson, Briers and Morley they were clueless - and there is no one ready to replace the old heads yet - and too many old heads in th team.

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If  Ratchford is to be the future fullback he needs to work on joining the attacking line...at least 3 times today he passed the ball too early without drawing the marker & the centre got caught in possession. The alarming point is that Widnes only played basic rugby & were patient whereas we still try to force the passes & the plays & we come unstuck.Maybe its about time that someone at the club actually took the bull by the horns & did some coaching or at least tried to breathe some life into a team that at times today didn't seem very enthusiastic or interested .

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It's down to the casual attitude to three quarters of the season pioneered by Leeds which means the game is only taken seriously in September. Not so long ago teams would bust a gut and attempt to win every game. The mighty Wire have had some terrible beatings by *lesser* sides in the last four seasons but have still managed to win four cups.I don't have the same affection for the game anymore and that's why this is likely to be my last season watching the game...It will soon be getting warmer and then I'll get my camping gear out and find something more interesting to do....A couple of beers sat outside my tent watching the sun go down in Snowdonia or feeling kissed off watching the Wire ?....Not so difficult choice to make....See you Wednesday Dave for the chip butties. 

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Years ago there was winning pay and losing pay.

Now with the contracts system it matters not one jot(moneywise)win or lose.

The incentive has been blunted.

I wonder what would happen to the man in the street if he turned up for work and knew that if he worked like a Trojan or spent the day having fag breaks he would still get a pretty good salary each month ???


Oh what a different world we now live in(and not for the better) :unsure:

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