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I phones.

Peter T

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Compare it to the Samsung galaxie 111s and the new blackberry 10 it's an insecure slouch my wife has the Apple 4s and a friend has the 5 nothing has changed in the 5 it's still as insecure as ever my wife has Constant problems with it as it's old technology and very slow.To me I would look at the Samsung Galaxies 111s or wait till the Blackberry 10 is released in January.

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Have no need for an I phone or similar.


All I need a mobile for is for making phone calls when I am out if necessary, receiving phone calls when I am out. and sending and receiving the odd text message. I have broadband at home for the internet and when I am out have no need to access the internet. My phone does have a camera that has been used twice mainly to see what the quality of the pictures were like but if I want to take pictures I have a Fairly decent digital camera that I use,and the same goes for video as well.


My phone does have internet capability but such a small screen that it would be almost impossible to use without a huge magnifying glass. It probably has a lot of other things as well but as I only need it to make calls i have not bothered to look.

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OK, firstly... it's 'iPhone' not 'I Phone'!!


There are many differences between the 4s and the 5:


Weight, 5 = 112g Vs 4s 140g

Display, 5 = 4" vs 4s 3.5"

Processor, 5 = 1.3 GHz vs 4s 800 MHz (make the 5 a lot faster)

RAM, 5 = 1GB vs 4s 512MB

Wireless = 5 has 4G capabilities, 4s is limited to 3G

Camera, 5 rear = 8MP and front 1.2MP, 4s rear = 8MP and front VGA camera


Software aspect, they are both the same....

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yes I know it is an "iphone" but Because of the comments of "I want one of those" I tend to call it an I phone.


Weight wise there is not and ounce of difference between them (it's almost an ounce but not quite)


as for screen size it makes little difference if like me you have to have glasses to see your watch.


The 4G capability is fine if you happen to live within one of the few areas that actually get 4G and by the time that they roll out to the rest of the country the technology will be outdated as usual.

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Hi Peter


I've had the iPhone 3,4 and now 5. They are excellent. Up until recently they were light years ahead of everyone else. Although the 5 has a larger screen and is faster than its predecessors I think with hindsight I would have had a look at the Galaxy s3 more closely.


Unless the iPhone in two years has a totally radical redesign I won't be rushing out to get one.


In summary have look at both the iPhone and S3




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The important question that you need to ask yourself is "what do you need it for".


There are cheaper alternatives on the market such as the many android phones that are available that may be suitable. Blackberry phones in my opinion are awful (no offence).

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Wonder if Peter actually got one in his Christmas stocking, he hasn’t said. 


My business these days is almost entirely run using smart phone technology and it’s almost like having a PC to hand at all times. For us, the smart phone is a tool to do a job so we don’t normally recommend high-end devices that cost a fortune or a trendy must have nametag. 


If you just want a device that does all the basics, you can pick one up from Asda or Tesco for very little. I actually got one a few weeks back from Tesco for £32 and it does pretty much everything I need it to do, in fact the sat-nav on it is actually better than my TomTom!


This is what we think is the best deal going at the moment and comes with a years free internet.


Bill :)

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Thank you for your views. I ended getting the Samsung Galaxy Note. Pleased with it so far. I can even watch football on it as having Sky, you can access the same package on your phone.


The down side was when I downloaded the FB apps, it brought all my friends onto contacts. aaagh. A certain Warehouse sorted if for.

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That'll teach you not to have too many virtual friends!


If you think that was bad though, just a few weeks back I had one of my customers decide to set up some Android devices for his company and rather than start a new blank account, he used his own details. 

He didn't know anything was wrong until a driver came in and said the compromising picture of his wife had just been sent to the Sunday papers. Every taxi driver on his fleet had all his photos and private details. Whoops! :oops:  :mrgreen:

Glad you got sorted.


Bill :)

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