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Stood in the back garden last night watching the fireworks display (for free) going off at Scout Hut over the other side of the village. When you have a petrified dog you can't go out and have to view from afar.


I took some photo's and I rather like them. :D


I've not altered any by the way other than simply cropping them.

















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Yeah they reminded me of palm trees especially the ones which appear to have brown swirly trunks. You couldn't see those with your eyes and I'd simply set my camera to the 'fireworks' mode so when I pressed it went 'click..... long wait.... click'. Took a while to get my timing right though and I got quite a few black sky ones.


If you sus out how to do fireworks on photoshop let me know for next year as I was blummin' freezing last night stood in the cold for half taking pics.

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