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You're never to old


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To admire beauty as this pair prove. Taken at Sankey Valley Park. Boys will be boys I suppose and she was lovely :oops:


As a matter of interest which pair were you looking at PJ. I must admit I'm partial to a nice pair Oops!, I mean pear, myself. :wink::D :grin: :D

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Looking at the weather today I would say that a paddle through sankey valley would be more appropriate.(water wings optional) :mrgreen:


As for being to old,or not. If I ever stop looking at a beautiful woman walking past then it is time to call a doctor because I would be seriously ill. If i ever fail to notice a beautiful woman walking past then call the undertakers because I will probably be dead.:blink::twisted:


As for men lurking in bushes taking pictures of birds they are usually called twitchers :rolleyes:

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