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The contrast in the quality of pitches was reflected for me whilst watching the Everton game on TV the other night. Goodison Park had a bowling green like quality to it in contrast to the HJ which resembles Blackpool beach in Winter.Hasn't the pitch at the HJ been re-laid recently ? If so, those responsible should sort it PDQ or send the cheque back.

You can't help feeling sorry for the supporters of St Helens RLFC. For years they have been promised a new stadium which never materialises. Unfortunately the club is run by verbose snake oil salesmen. Spivs our grandparents used to call them I believe.

I shall be breaking my sabbatical tomorrow and venturing along the M62 to Salford.

See you in two years.


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Been to Salford and guess what ?? Same old same old. Almost full strength and can't make minced meat of a new Salford team packed full of journeymen and has-beens. The Wire curse strikes yet again in making good players ordinary and average players hopeless. Don't tell me the result didn't matter because the Wire team were trying their utmost but could only scrape a win. If any of the big clubs were playing that Salford team it would have been a cricket score.Wire were bereft of ideas and looked clueless with the ball in hand. If the game was little more than a training session to practice moves then I for one couldn't detect any of these moves, perhaps I blinked and missed one.


Must be off...polishing my gin glassses for my sabbatical.


See you in two years.

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