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Labour at it again!!!


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Being one of those people for which politics is on a par with paint drying,but not quite so exciting, I would be interested to know what this topic is actually about. Even a slight hint might be able to ease some of the confusion to the seemingly cryptic statements made in the opening post.


In other words "giz a clue billy" :mellow:


On a side note, or maybe not, seems Mr Broomhead has been given another six months in office. So 12 months needed to find somebody suitable to fill the position. Strange given the high unemployment at present?

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Obviously your not an insider Insider; otherwise you wouldn't need telling who's at the bottom of all this, again. She who must be obeyed! :wink:


I think you will find it is son of she who must be obeyed who is firing the ammo these days :wink:


For those of you who haven't got a clue what we are going on about you are probably better off staying in the dark!

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I think I'll just turn my lights off then or do some painting and watch it like Evils suggested :lol:


I like quizzes though so in no particular order and only based on the past few days is it about.....


a) Peel Hall (today)


B) HMS Gosling (today)


c) Being in the Stocks (yesterday)


d) 2 leaders taking over the role of 1 councillor (yesterday)


e) Legal aid cuts (wed)


f) suspenders... I mean suspension (tues)


g) who is Kat having an affair with and will Sharon ever stop that awful pouting and tell her son the truth about how his dad really died and what sort of a person he was... and stop rubbing the poor lads locks like some sort of fluffy stuffed dog. (ongoing)

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Oh great news! Thank you Dizzifer for making my day! I'm so happy now that I could sing The Red Flag all the way through - backwards. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

That will have knocked the stupid grin off his face. Bet he went crying to mummy.

Seems like he's been a really naughty boy. Too clever sneaky for his own good (just like Walter).

The first time ever I saw his face I knew he was not one to be trusted.

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