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Binge Drinking

Lt Kije

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bit misleading calling it binge drinking as they say it is older people who are alone that have a tendency to take to drink to while away the hours.

They have little or no company so have a drink or two to "cheer themselves up" which leads to having another when their tolerance for alcohol increases and so on.


Having a drink or three at home is not binge drinking. The reason it all came about is that there has been an increase in hospital admissions for older people due to drinking related accidents. They have had a fall or some other accident that may not have been due to being drunk ,but because they have had a drink it has been classed as alcohol related.


Steady drinking it may be but it is not binge drinking.dry.gif

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I have watched the Olympics tonight and partaken of a couple of bottles of San Miguel do I qualify for the help that you think the Government should be giving? If it is assistance with the cost then I am all for it.

My favourite tipple for a home drink, only had the one 660ml bottle tonight and I don't think we would qualify though Eagle. :wink:

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First off, Lt Kije, when I lived in Warrington I never did see any senior citizens staggering through the streets with a can in their hand. I never did see an intoxicated senior citizen lying legless in a gutter. But I saw quite a few younger people like that and even some younger kids.

So what is you want the government to do? I doubt you want it to give pensioners an increase in their pension so that they can better afford to buy alcohol. You already made it clear you think that senior citizens are taking too much from the public purse and not leaving enough for the young ones. So, do you want the government to pass a law banning people over (say) 60 drinking? Do you want inspectors who will go around knocking on the doors of senior citizens to ensure that they are not breaking the law by drinking or have any alcohol on their premises? What do you want Lt Kije?

One reason I have not seen here as to why a senior citizen may need treatment on the NHS for drinking (and I refuse to say binge drinking) is that, as you all know only too well, things start to go wrong with the body as we age and many senior citizens end up taking a number of different medications for different complaints. It is also known that a person (young or old) is advised not to drink when on medication because of the effects alcohol could have when mixed with the medication (or vice-versa). But it's also known that ageing also affects the mind and memory of many senior citizen, mayb they forget or believe that just one or two drinks will be ok. Maybe that is why senior citizens may need help from the NHS, NOT BINGE DRINKING.

I've Got the answer Lt Kije! Compulsory euthanasia on reaching their 60th birhday! Would tht satisfy you Lt Kije? Or do you think it should be younger?

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Not made it clear that senior citizens are a drain on the public purse?

These are all previous posts by yourself. Need I say more?

I could add more but this is already getting very long.



Are The Old Paying Enough


In tough times are pensioners paying enough, they benefitted from artificially low taxes, free higher education.In many cases they had jobs for life, they get free bus passes, help with heating. They are also benefitting from Pfi hospitals, which are being paid for by the young. The young have to pay for higher education, their are no jobs for life.

It is the young that are paying for the people who have retired pensions, they are paying for something they themselves are not going to get. We as a society have mortgaged the young. They are going to have to save even more money for their pensions that the current old ever did. And if they have gone to university they are starting out in dept. Lack of jobs means many are not going to start earning till they are in their 20's. So they will end up having to save more, work longer and have to pay higher taxes than our current pensioners ever had to. Things are only going to get worse for the young as our population is ageing, we cannot keep piling our young with dept.



So Asp, you think the system is fair now, where the young are being mortgaged to the hilt to pay for the retirement for the old, the young are paying for something they are never going to get themselves, As I have said Asp, I have no solutions, your tongue in cheek solutions where pathetic in the least, take your blinkers off have alook at the situation they are in, with an ageing population the situation we find ourselves in cannot continue, no one government is to blame, all governments over the last 30 years are, they have seen this bomb coming and done nothing. We are living longer and have an ageing population, there will not be enough young to pay for the old. If they are working they are paying higher taxes than the retired ever had to and they are going to have to work longer and get less, do you find that fair.?


It's how you get the £107.00 and who pays, there will not be enough people to pay it with the population ageing, and people living longer. What happens when the bomb goes off and we have more retired people than people of working age.??


Obs I am not looking for people to blame, as you say we have very low interest rates, it is not worth paying into a private pension you would be lucky to get anything out of it. People in work were made the same promises by the government you pay your NI and their will be a pension for you, when I started work it was retirement at 65. I presume that's when you went, looks like my promise is going to be broken, and I am going to get less than you get and work longer, The pension bomb has been around for years no political party wanted to touch it until it was to late, and the burden is going to fall on the under 45s who are going to have to take a massive hit. Don't forget Obs they went to work with the same NI promise as you did retire at 65, and the retired had the aded bonus of having a private pension scheme that worked and payed out. I have a daughter that is hoping to become a nurse A level results pending, she has not started in the tax system yet but when she does she will be paying for all the Pfi schemes that have been mortgaged to her plus whatever the government need for her generation. And on top of that she is going to pay for the retired, and their will be even more retired around for her to pay for.



Better Off Retired

Many retired people bought bye to let properties, thus stopping young people getting on the housing ladder, they also made money just by sitting in their property's as the prices went up and up, the baby boomers had it very good Obs, Free university education, house prices going though the roof, social mobility ect, all things that have gone for the young.


And was it not baby boomers in charge of the banks when they were lending to all ?


Can I take it you find it ok, and we should not do anything?


You raised the subject. What would you do?

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Most of those posts if you read them are about pensions and how they are founded in the UK, it is those who are working pay for the retired, something that is going to have to change, as in the future their will be more retired people than those in work, something successive governments have known about and done nothing, it is called the pensions time bomb. It was meant to spark debate, Cleo old age happens to everyone, I hope to get their one day, May I suggest you google the pensions time bomb. It is a fact that the way pensions are paid is unsustainable, I don't think anyone disagrees, . Young people today will have to pay more into a pension , work for more years and receive less, hardly fair?


So back to subject do you think anything should be done or should the government leave alone , and let the problem get worse?

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As reported, Their are more old people in A & E, with alcohol related problems than young, So I think the government should do something, what do you think?

Lt, for what it's worth this is what I think, because Joan Bakewell is recorded as stating the older element of society have drink problems to the tune of 1.4M, do I accept that as being accurate, I think not, where are the statistics from to enable her to make such a sweeping statement, so many factors have to be taken into consideration - there has always been a problem in Scotland with old folk drinking to excess it's a culture up there, there are a large number of homeless older people drinking heavily usually cheap cider or meths, as you get older your alcohol tolerance reduces so what would be seen as a reasonable intake for a person of between 35 and 55 years old becomes excessive for someone 55 to 75 also generally speaking older people have less control over their balance than younger people add to that any alcohol consumed and they will stumble and fall far more frequently than younger people, they also have bones that break easier resulting in more visits to A & E and on admittance alcohol is smelled on their breath resulting in yet another drink related accident, so all in all I believe she is talking a load of 'twaddle'.

Really must go now as my 85 year old neighbour is sat on her roof with a bottle of vodka and I said I would join her, and that was 20 minutes ago!.

:wink::D :grin:


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