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OOOH that's you on the stalking list then Gary me lad. :unsure::unsure:


Be the next big craze to hit warrington worldwide. "where's Gary".


Fred Talbot says he may take legal action over copyright infringement and pointed out that they had tried to speak to Wally about it but couldn't find him in time :mrgreen:

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Was away last week in a sunny climate lounging by a pool in 80 degree heat supping plenty of beers :P


Unfortunately, I'd spent Friday evening watching us getting battered by Salford but better performance last night, albeit a very dour affair with very little adventure shown by either side.


Not sure what's happened to Bridge's form of late, but I don't think he warrants a place in the side - I understand he's nursing a niggling injury, but if that's the case they ought to get it sorted and let someone fit play!!

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Chris Bridge shows some discomfort even when he's just walking...Could it be related to the achilles tendon he ruptured some time ago ? He seems reluctant to put any weight on one leg. It could be all in his mind and a chat with a sports psychologist may help him...He's not half the player he was a couple of seasons ago.

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