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Yeah another 'Dizzy' type person on the forum and a warm welcome Dizzielizzie :D Hope you'll stick around as the Dizzier the better :lol:


As for hairdressers, well if you've had the same one for 5 years they can't be too bad :wink:


I can't offer any personal recommendations myself as I tend to have mine done on the spur of the moment so I just ask friends or family where they've been and who at the salon actually did it and if they can fit me in I go there.


Obviously I can't actually openly name the ones I've been to on here as that's against forum 'advertising' rules so I'd have to moderate and edit my own post :unsure::lol:

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Shot myself in the foot a few years ago.


It was Mrs fug's birthday, one of those with a "0" in it, which she was hitting like a brick wall. To soften the blow, I booked us into a good hotel for the weekend (even got upgraded to the honeymoon suite, gratis), and treated her to the full wash & wax in the beauty salon.


She was so impressed with the crimper that, 14 years later, she's still going there (at least it's her paying now).


G'waaan, Dizzi, go treat yourself.

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Well! that lady didn't stay long, can't say as I blame her, being here reminds me of that saying "The inmates are running the asylum". :wink::lol: :lol: :lol:


Blimey Algy give Dizzielizzie chance to reply. Not everyone is as obsessive with posting or coming on here as some of 'us' appear to be :P


PS The inmates aren't really running this asylum as it's all part of a controlled scientific experiment :lol:


Have you had your hair done yet DizzyLiz.... I hope you didn't go blue like BazJ said ? :lol:

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Ahhh ... two Dizzies posting at the same time :shock:


Algy you can ignore my comment as the other D's wasn't there when I was typing.


Gosh this could get confusing especially if they start to shorten your name :lol:

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No not had me hair done yet, I'm waiting for all you beautiful people to give me some recommendations... :wink:


Adam from Jakarta on Bridge Street has an award winning team and is a fairly regular advertiser in warrington-worldwide :wink:

Then there is Martin Coleman at Mc2 in Stockton Heath who also has an award winning team.

Neither have cut my hair though!

But if you mention my name I am sure they will look after you well.

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Aww I feel bad now though as I deleted the link that Fugs posted in his post as I thought that wasn't allowed as it's free advertising :oops:


Sorry Fugs (not that you noticed I'd done it as you've not had a go at me yet).


I guess I should have just deleted the direct website link and replaced it with the simply the name of the hairdressers but I can't remember what it was now <_<

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It usually means the opposite of what one appears to say.


So, if I post an ironic smiley, as opposed to a proper one, it means I'm really not that bothered.


However, if I post a proper smiley, it probably means I'm really pi**ed off about something.


Sometimes, it may be a bit tricky to work out which is which.


And that's why I think they should be banned, then we may rediscover the precise and ambiguous beauty of proper wurdz.

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