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Red Meat off the menu?


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It's pretty much off the menu though, well according to the news tonight anyway.


1 portion a day (70g) apparently raises the risk of dying prematurely by 13%... but they said if you eat one portion (70g) of processed meat such as sausages, ham or bacon then it increases to 20%.


One portion is equivalent to 1 small steak or 3 slices of ham.


They also said that cutting the 1 portion if 70g to 40g will significantly increase your life expectancy (unless you are run over by a bus of course)


I'm clearly doomed cos we had bacon on muffins for breakfast and I grabbed a ham sandwich this afternoon as I was in a rush.

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all a load of scaremongering and probably by the vegetarian society.....


(by the way, vegetarianism must be good for your bank balance judging by the size of there mansion house office near Altrincham)


If you smoke, drink, drive, ride a bike, eat red meat, eat eggs and butter and white bread; you will be lucky to get out of puberty if you follow the "experts" reasoning


Death will happen regardless of what you eat or don't eat

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These so called food experts and dieticians will drive you crazy if you listen to them. They already have people running around like a squirrel in a cage.

One minute they are telling you what foods are good for you and the next they are telling you they are not and food that was (supposedly) bad for you is actually really good for you.

I don't like bloody meat. I like meat but it has to be fully cooked all the way througth. Having said that, this house has become a meat free zone since the news broke that some cows and buffalos as well as sheep and goats here have been contaminated with a virus from the import of some livestock from ethiopia. :huh::x

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Aren't they saying that the thing with red meats is to do with saturated fat levels.....ie what they have said are the dangerous fats for a long time.


Like Evils says though red meat is high in iron but then again so are some veggies etc. My sister was told to eat spinach when she had an iron deficiency but from Evils link it seems a baked potato may have more iron.


Talk about confusing.


Anyway I'm not going to worry about it and after fitting out new hob today (finally!!) I made myself a lovely chicken stir with loads of lovely crunchy veggies..... my other half had 4 sausages, 4 rashers of bacon and some beans etc (I'm not joking either) :lol:

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I don't need it have to stay away from excess iron personally. haemochromotisis possibilities. (i think that's how it is spelt anyhow) <_<


I've never heard of that before so I just googled. It says it's genetic so I guess you didn't get it from your mum then :unsure::oops:


What hapens if you eat too much food containing Iron then and what do you have to avoid ?


Rather worringly I recon I have some of the symptoms so do I have it too .... I guess probably not but then that is the norm if one 'Dr Googles'... the other week it said my worries were symptomatic if an mensa IQ level of 1048 :D

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Get him insured Diz! :D


Could I do that without him knowing or would he have to sign up and pay. Im buggered if it's the latter <_<:lol:


He's clearly not got insurance on me though as I'd be well and truly pushing up the daisies by now that's for sure :huh::lol:

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