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Illegal rail passengers to be given a Headache!


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Illegal rail passengers to be given a Headache - at best!


Indonesia has gone to imaginative extremes to try and stop commuters from illegally riding on the roofs of train - from hosing them down with red paint to threatening them with dogs.


But now authorities have developed an intimidating and possibly deadly new tactic - suspending rows of grapefruit-sized concrete balls to rake over the top of trains.


They hope the balls - which would deliver serious blows to the head if they didn't knock a person off the roof of a train - will be enough to deter 'train surfers'.







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Good grief that looks a bit brutal..... but good thinking on the authorities part though. <_<


I guess they don't have all our H&S nonsense or "had an accident, not your fault... claim £££££'s" vultures in Indonesia.


It reminds me of a reversal of ten pin bowling :wink::lol:

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