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If you can put this puzzle together, say goodbye to Alzheimer's!


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3.74 seconds, but I did have to open a new tab to paste the link into which added a second to the copy and paste bit.


Ah now I get it what you mean is not how long it takes to copy and paste the link but the time it takes to complete the moving jigsaw, Stupid boy Sid. :oops: :oops: :oops:

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alg, I thought the 1.74 seconds and the completed picture would have given you a clue. considering that you can't just copy and paste flash media.:wink:

Well! there you are, you learn something every day!, just goes to show I'm never to old or to proud to accept advise from one so wise and so worldly. :wink::D :grin:

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Well we have just found out alg is a little bloke, because that comment went right over his head Ringo. :wink:

Sorry lads I read it earlier, intended to reply then forgot all about it!

Liverpool 3 Everton 0


Ooop's there I go again wrong section!. :wink::D :grin: :D

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Nice one, Algy. Personally don't mind how many times this one is posted as I firmly expected an Everton win. I stopped going to Anfield when Roger Hunt retired, by the way!

Last game I went to was Liverpool v Wolves sometime in the late 70's, Derek Dougan was centre forward for Wolves and I think Tony Hately was on for Liverpool.

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Alg and Ringo, how come you stopped going? I still have a season ticket for United, although I keep away from United v Liverpool matches because of the aggro. :roll:


BTW alg, Tony Hately stopped playing for Liverpool in 1968 after just one season.

I had just joined ICI and at that time we were working every hour that God sent, so Saturdays were a none starter as far as foot'y was cocerned and that went on for years and I just never got back into it. Hately was a 'carthorse' and could only score with his head, a bit like Carroll is at the moment (I wish). :unsure:

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