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Labour MP having to complain about the Labour Council - again!

Nick Tessla

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from the news page



"WARRINGTON Borough Council has come under fire from local MP Helen Jones for refusing to provide information about it's budget proposals regarding the transfer of in-house social care services."


Fair enough for her to raise the issue - but, yet again, you have to ask whether her party colleagues - who control the council- are capable of representing the voters.

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I must admit I'm starting to warm to her slightly lately.


Yes she's often been in the press tittle tattling like some of the others but there's not many onboard who openly also criticise and question their own parties leadership skills and ways nor do they do as many FOI requests to find out info and pass it on to us little mortals.


Whilst many times the finger is pointed towards officers and the likes it is clear that in a majority of cases they are/have been the ones at fault BUT as they are supposed to be under the governance of the leading party any officers failure is as much the the fault of party leadership failure in my humble opinion.


Why don't the lot of them just all get a grip and sort themselves and the way they work out ? Maybe then they can all work together in an effective and transparent way for the best of Warrington, it's residents, it's businesses and and it's future!


In most cases there is a saying though, now what is it ? Ah yes...... "There is no 'I' in team..... although there is a 'me'"


I'm not not into party politics one little bit can you tell ?

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And I forgot to add...


I hadn't noticed until you all mentioned it but yes where did WBCouncil go as their posts were good and onformative at times but maybe it's because we haven't asked any questions as such lately.


But more importantly where has Geoff S gone :unsure:


We've not had any snow or ice yet so he can't have had any slippery mishaps like last year :lol:(Sorry Geoff if you are reading but I do still giggle about all that) or maybe he has been advised to remain silent by his new solicitor if he finally found one after asking on here. :shock:


I hope not :unsure: Maybe Helen S can give him a nudge :lol:

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Sounds about right....


Rule 1027 part] (a) "Do not engage with the public in any way or form.. this could result in the public (previously referred to as 'lesser peasants') thinking you care, have an opinion, have any say in any matter, are worthy of contact or indeed that you have a backbone. Failure to comply will result in a warning being given


Any councillor found to have still retained their 'backbone' after such a warning will be dealt with accordingly by way of a second and final warning. If at any any time in the future the said councillor again refuses to obey in any way or form they will, without future address, be beheaded (note* we do not condone stoning or veggies in the stocks as by this stage the public (from now on referred to as the peasants for their part in the downfall) may have decided they rather like you and you do have a use so may let you live and in addition this would result in the street cleaning team having to be deployed at additional and considerable cost to the tax payer. Those not paying tax would of course be exempt although possibly be expected to show willing to contribute in wither cash, bounced cheque or store card voucher on the doorstep when a representative calls at approx 2.30am on a dark and dismal Sunday morning )"


Rule 103096 part (z8) "Please refer to Rule 1027 part (a)"


...... of course he could actually be on a lovely long holiday somewhere or just bored of us all which is a more likely conclusion :lol:

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Geoff's has not gone missing nor has he been beheaded...... hot off the press (or rather messaging service)


Geoff says he is "taking a break as a New Year's resolution (similar to abstinence from WWW during 2010 – same reasons as PK backed off the other year) - currently I've got so much council & ward work that posting gets in the way. I am also clearing my posts with my new solicitor Archie. I will however continue to send in articles to keep people up to date...."


Work hard Geoff :D

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I feel sorry for Geoff - after all he is the only councillor who seems to make comments on this site.

most of the others seem to be unable to use modern technology to even read emails.


Perhaps G is busy helping the tree felling and making sure the wildlife is protected around Enfield Park road?

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