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Wow! last time I had a look no one had replied, I am lead to believe (I always start like this when I'm not 100% sure, I was informed of this from a very reliable source though) when St James's was built on Wilderspool Causeway in 1829 to replace the original church built in 1777 on the bank of the River Mersey in what was then St James's Street now Knutsford Road Latchford, a new four face clock was purchased for the new tower, this was found to be too heavy for the belfry so an exchange took place and St Elphins Parish church installed the new clock and St James's took the one from St Elphins.

Information from "Sound as a pound".

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Sorry! if you found it boring folks, just attempting to share a little bit of culture re our town, shan't bother again.Tantrum-3.gif:D unfortunately no emoticons for 'Hissy Fits'


Take no notice of them algy, mate, your posts are anything but boring.



Hummm.... these icons need consigning to the bin in favour of some more upto date and appropriate ones - no bored icons. :lol::lol::lol: just joking!

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Aww it wasn't boring Algy, please do 'bother' again and we were only having a laugh :oops::D


PS.. save these for future use :wink:











No problem Dizz, I am much thicker skinned than most folk realise as a matter of fact someone once told that you could lag boilers with my skin, my reply was " not until I've finished with it you can't" :wink::D

Thanks for the emoticons.

I have emailed you some more info to you, bet that makes Cleo 'prick her ears up' :D

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