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Now that is appropriate....


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Diz, surely you need the best equipment to do your job?! :D (helmet on, runs for the shelter!) :D


Keep running Obs.. you are not far enought away yet. I'm only giving you a head start cos it's xmas eve.


Saying that if Mrs Obs noticed you typing your comment I guess you wont have got very far with two broken legs :lol::wink::P

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Didn't he buy you any appliances Diz?! :wink:


No... he bought me two cd's which I had to choose while we were in tesco on xmas eve as I'd forgotten the cranberry and prawn cocktail sauces and we needed to go the the wolves shop.


And a pair of dog walking boots that I had bought myself the day before in the sale which he is re-imbursing me for apparently (£16.99 to be precise incase he is reading and has forgotton he owes me ha ha) :unsure::lol:


One thing my other half has never been good at is pressy shopping and he is the first to admit it. My lads glad though cos I get to do all the pressy shopping on my own so he gets stuff his dad would not allow :lol:


Evils... I'd love to be able to play a saxaphone so if your sister ever gets fed up of it let me know. I bet my neighbours would love me to have one too :lol:

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