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Pay cuts!!!!


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No pay cuts and no bonuses so a happy balance I suppose however....


My other half's place of work paid for all employees/contractors to all to go for a meal and had a free bar for a few hours too.


My xmas doo depends on what my other half lets us do (or finds out I have done :wink: ).


My other 'other' place of work never think to invite me on theirs cos I'm a girlie although they rarely pay me for all my hours of work anyway. I wonder if they are reading this HINT HINT !!! :D


I count our blessings though as we are a lot better off than some people and I feel very sorry for people who are out of work, facing posible redundancy or have huge bills and debts especially at this time of year.


Saying that I bet they have all done their xmas pressy shopping and have everything planned and I haven't even started mine yet. Oooh am I leaving it a bit late as usual ? :shock:

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Having worked on the "big sites" as a contracting electrician, all my Christmas shopping used to be done on Christmas Eve as that was usually the day you finished at 12:00, went round town for a few hours and then went to Woolworths at about 4pm for the pressies....


I still too love the last minute Christmas shopping, although these days I do a bit before if I can!

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