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Uploading from the Bucket

Geoffrey Settle

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I’ve just had another look at this and it seems what I thought was my original account with them is some intermediate hijack site that doing it’s best trying to sell fancy animated icons. I’ve just re-logged on but not from my previously stored link and it’s perfect.




Bill :)

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I'll try again whith a compeltely new pic in a sec Geoff rather than an older one already uploaded.


I have always received the 'you are the 1,0000 customer of the day and have won...' in the corner message but have always just ignored it and have never had any problems uploading my links onto here.


Are you posting the right image code as there are a few various options to copy and paste.

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Well still works ok for me... regaldless of the fact that once again I was the apparent winner of an Iphone4 as usual on the right hand side.


I have never ever clicked on that either to say yes or no as I'm not that daft 8):lol:


Geoff... did you click on it at all and also are you trying to post the bottom IMG CODE link ??

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  • 1 year later...

It is sometime since I placed photos on this forum from Photobucket, but now, when I try, I am getting

the following message as soon as I paste the IMG code link -


You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board


Anyone any ideas on what I am doing wrong, or has something changed?

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Hiya Middlec
Yes it's changed since the forum upgrade and we can no longer just insert the direct 'IMG code' link from Photobucket directly into our posts and we now have to use the 'DIRECT Link' from photobucket and insert it differently.

From Photobucket copy the 'Direct Link' code shown below

Then when you are on the forum in the 'reply to this topic' text box you will see a little green 'image' box on the toolbar .. click on that (see below)


(PS if the toolbar options are greyed out click on the icon very top left (next to the little red/white 'remove format' icon) to toggle the editor view)

This will then open another box as follows and you then copy your Photobucket 'Direct Link' code into  the URL box and press OK

Your picture will then be uploaded and visible.

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I forgot to mention that if like me you are using an old version of Internet Explorer (mines V8 as it's the newest one I can have as I still use Windows XP) then clicking on the green 'Image' button may not bring up the URL box.


If that is the case for you then I can tell you how to manually add your image code into your post but you have to tweak the code a bit which is what I usually do but it is a pain at times.


I did the above post, screen dumps and upload of images using Firefox which works fine but is not my default browser but I have both on my PC  :wink:

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Seems like its definately a problem with V8 IE then as we are getting the same. I'll try and find out if there is a patch or something that we can apply to get it working for IE8.


In the mean time (and incase there isn't) for now you can do it like this


1) ..... you will find that your picture is now on the Carlton Club topic;) I was on when you posted your link (which we could click on) and I was doing a quick manual edit of your link code to make it work at the time and still had it on my 'clipboard' so I've just put it on for you.


If you have any other pics just post them like you did earlier and it will give a blue direct link that people can still click on to see your photo.... and when I see them I'll edit your code as it only takes a second and I don't mind.


or ... if your brain is not too frazzled and frustrated you can do it yourself by


2) posting the blue direct link link in exactly the same way you did earlier and post the topic. 


so you get this (this is one of my pictures and if you click the link my pic will open and you will be able to see it)


http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l346/dismayed_2008/Snow Jan 2013/IMG_9427.jpg



here is a screen dump of what that actually looked like when I pasted it onto this post as I realise that once I hit 'post' you will only see the truncated link




Then POST your reply.


Next instructions on how to then EDIT your own post to manually change the code to follow in a sec ......

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continued..... click on the screen dumps to enlarge


Now click to 'EDIT' your post which looked like this





You will now see the code which will look like this (if you still see the blue link click the very top left icon on the tool bar to toggle the editor from WYSIWYG mode to editor/code view mode)





now delete ALL of the code after the first occurrence of the word jpg as shown below with the red line through it





You will now be left with just this





Replace the three letters at the front which say url with 'img' WITHOUT THE QUOTES AS IT WAS THE ONLY WAY I COULD TYPE THE WORD





Submit your modified post' and your image will dislay like this



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Now....having said all that if you make sure when you go into the editor that you are in 'code mode' ie so all the tool bar icons are greyed out (by pressing the top left icon) before you type anything you can sometimes get away with just pasting the Photobucket direct link and then simply typing [img= directly before it with no spaces and then putting a closed bracket ] with no spaces at the end... but it can be a bit tempremental and occasionally tries to inserts the extra bits once you post so you finish up having to do what I said above.

Once you have done it in the code type editor if you press the toggle button again so you are in WYSYWYG view mode you will know if it's going to work as you'' see your photo.

I;m doing it like this with this one and it must be my friend at the moment as it's worked


If nothing else all that kept me quiet for a while and you now know every way of getting a photo on the forum :lol:  :lol: ......... although maybe you should just download firefox as it's free, works fine on XP and I might even start to use it too after doing all that the long way through IE just to make sure it was all right ha ha   :wink:

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