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  1. The Tory top brass didn't think this one through at all, did they? They had another two years to run, but thought there was an opportunity to increase their majority if they held a snap election, due to what they saw as a weak opposition from all opposing parties. And this election was called only a week or so after they announced they would stop the triple lock state pension increase and scrap the annual OAP heating allowance! I think the grey vote loved that ! If I were Corbyn though I wouldn't get too big headed or over confident, as there was without doubt quite a lot of tactical voting to avoid a Tory landslide, giving them a majority but not allowing them to have it all their own way.
  2. I think it was Groucho Marx who was quoted as saying in his latter years he was ordered not to drink alcohol, or smoke cigars and have muesli for breakfast and fruit juice, no coffee, and no fried foods etc. He said he was told at the time it may make him live longer, whether true or not, he said it will certainly seem longer!
  3. For many years I worked as an officer in local government ( NOT Warrington) and attended many meetings throughout Cheshire over the years with other authorities. I don't remember anyone having anything good to say about Warrington or it's councillors. Many comments could be quite scathing! Some councils are actually quite good, neighbouring Halton for instance are quite visionary and forward thinking when you see what they have done to clean up Runcorn and Widnes and I do know they used to have many area meetings to discuss and listen to the folk who lived there to see what they wanted. Called serving the people of the town! But not in Warrington!
  4. And don't forget it's worth an email to councillors stating objections to the closure. David Mowat MP for the area is now aware of the situation and involved, so it's worth emailing him too (contact details on his website) Let the campaign gather momentum!
  5. Excellent Algy. Let's spread the word around, through all social media outlets, as well as verbally. I am sure the organisers of this online petition will be considering posters and where to display them to gather as many names as possible. Let's give this our support. It may not alter the closure situation, but at least it's showing that we are not happy about the decision (made without any consultation!...how's that for democracy?)
  6. It needs to be a poster (s) along the lines of "Does your local councillor object to this closure.......if not then don't let them count on your vote at the next election" St.H Festival, and perhaps Walking Day are good places to muster up names on a petition and publicise the cause, but, unfortunately I will be at a prior engagement and unable to attend. But, as you say Dizzy, it's maybe too late and the closure is inevitable, but it's still worth making objections known. As for the LibDems.....very noticeable how quiet they are on this issue, isn't it?.
  7. Amazing isn't it how the topic of the closure of Sandy Lane tip has drifted so far off course on this forum! A pity your mum isn't still with us Dizzy as she would have got a public meeting going, written to all the councillors, and organised a petition to be handed to the council. How I miss your mum! As it happens, nothing will happen, no organised objection and the closure of Sandy Lane will become a reality at the end of July. That's life nowadays, isn't it. And I agree Algy, they are more likely to build apartments on the site rather than houses. And I have just received through the door the leaflet from the Labour councillor regarding the Sandy Lane update. What utter bilge this man speaks. But then there are people who probably believe it. So be it.
  8. Hi Dizzy The closure of Sandy Lane site has been discussed by the council before, and I think it was then it was mentioned the site could be developed for extra housing. Makes sense really, it's in a prime area for it, surrounded by houses on both sides. The land would fetch a good price on the open market, and WBC would pocket the cash. I am certain this will happen, watch this space! As for the explanation given by Cllr David Keane..........utter bilge. Cutbacks or no cutbacks, I am certain the MP for the area David Mowatt (Con) will give an entirely different version for the closure if asked (if he is aware of it, and I doubt it)
  9. Try emailing all local councillors, including WBC one's for this area, and ask pertinent questions. What about the local press taking it up?. Someone mentioned a "Save the Sandy Lane Centre" Facebook group? Why not? It is really an incredible situation, but guess what, the land the site is on is earmarked to be sold for further private housing. And that's what this is really about. To hell with recycling, leave your rubbish at the side of the road or on any waste land!
  10. Just found out today when I was at the Sandy Lane tip. Not only the tip closing, but the Sandy Lane centre is too apparently. No consultation, no consideration at all given by councillors for the people of the borough. They are amenities, essential for the area. Am I surprised? No, not really, somehow we have been stuck with these no-hopers who are running the borough for a long time. Rather than type our thoughts here, we should contact the council and complain. Are the local parish councillors going to petition WBC? We should make our voices heard, but, regrettably, with this council who are not contactable and open to discussion, then I fear its a waste of time. It's sad for the future of Warrington, but then, that's why Warrington is in the state it is today.
  11. Thanks Diz, will try it with a different browser. I don't have any photos to add now (the moment has passed for the last considered contribution!)
  12. All I am getting is a box called 'Image Properties' after I press on the image icon. If I copy the direct link, or the IMG code (have tried both), into this box and return it just locks up and gives me a message that the image properties have changed. In other words, it doesn't work, and I have to then come out of WW to 'unlock' this box! I have also tried copying directly into the text to avoid the box but that doesn't show the copied code. Strange.......yes I still use Internet Explorer and Windows 7.
  13. I don't contribute very much to the forum, but the other day I wanted to comment and add a photo too. But the photo would not transfer from photobucket.....I know, I have asked this question before many moons ago wjhen I had problems, and finally (or so I thought) got it sorted. I am doing everything that Dizzy told me to do this time, I have tried the Direct and IMG link but neither work, they bring up a box on here when I press the image icon, copy the code, and everything locks........has something altered or changed since my last photo upload?
  14. I am new to this thread, so please excuse me if this has been stated earlier and I've missed it! Photos/scans/docs submitted to Facebook tend to end up being automatically compressed to very low quality. So I always doubted that an image could be taken and used "for profit" from a Facebook page when they appear. But, to safeguard the use of submitted material, resize your photos/scans down to something like 70Kb (saving your original at full file size of course). Submitted photos will be fine to view on screen at this resolution, but anyone wanting to download and print or use it somewhere else for their own purposes will find the quality doesn't really lend itself to that. As for the Warr Photos Warr Born group, I stopped putting anything on that a long time ago, as it was at the time being filled with adverts and personal chat! I don't know, it may have changed recently, but I can't be bothered with it now.
  15. I would be highly surprised if more than a 100 people were surveyed. In my experience that's the way council surveys work! They get 100 views and take this as representative of everyone. ( a bit like pre-election poll surveys.......ask 100 people how they intend to vote then escalate the views to portray the voting trend nationally) What is a mockery is how they talk about "residents" being affected. No, it's people coming from outside of Stockton Heath to shop and bringing trade to the area that it affects, not necessarily residents! But councillors and objectors to the charge appear to miss this vital point. Car parking should be an amenity, and free. Charging just forces more and more people to shop at the giant retail establishments outside the area, where parking is free. And surely Warrington is a prime example of exactly what can happen to a town centre when no-one cares a jot about shoppers or trade, just take one look at Bridge Street. And the attitude of parking on the Riverside retail park? One wheel over the white line and a huge fine and clamped. "Go away shoppers, we don't want you here" attitude.
  16. I see they are at it again. A company telephoning people to say "are you aware that you could be due a refund on your Council Tax?" They are suggesting your property could be in the wrong tax band. Now let's get this straight. Council Tax commenced in April 1993. The properties had been assessed for tax bands by the Valuation Office in Liverpool (part of the Inland Revenue) in 1991/92. (Property tax bands are not set by the local council, and cannot be, by law) If you live in a row of houses, all similar, and all are in the same tax band, why should these people now try to tell you that your property is banded wrong after 20 years? If however you think so, then contact the council and they will give you the procedure of how to appeal. You don't need agents, you don't need to pay middle men, you can do this yourself. So don't be conned. These folk are telephoning to try to make money from you. And of course, a word of caution, be careful if you do decide to appeal to the Valuation office as it could be found that your property is indeed banded incorrectl,y and move it upwards to a higher tax band! That won't please you, or your neighbours.
  17. Hi Algy. You have to join a Facebook group to contribute or comment but I'm sure you have done that already. If any further problems in-box (or email) the administrator. He should be able to advise.
  18. Great vid of the narrowboat! The few steam driven boats still on canals and rivers tend to be old preserved craft. This one I believe is only about two or three years old. I would agree, a novelty but not exactly convenient considering the number of canal bridges about!
  19. Lovely photos Algy. Beamish is a great place, and I would recommend it to anyone to visit as it has so much to offer. A unique place. Even better to visit if the weather is good. It's a vast area, so a lot of walking involved, even though trips on the trams, buses and in this car are unlimited and included in the admission price. A ride in this car is a must, but it isn't comfortable. Perhaps the suspension can't cope with the cobbles!
  20. I agree, Beamish is a great place to visit, I was there on Tuesday. We have been there twice before, but many years ago. Little has changed really, but there have been some additions and improvements. It was just a pity that it was murky and damp on Tuesday when we were there, but it didn't spoil the enjoyment. And the admission ticket is now valid for one year, so if in the area again it allows you to re-visit without paying anything more. It's such a vast place it deserves a second (or third) visit. And isn't Newcastle a nice place? Especially if the sun shines! (as it did on Monday)
  21. This is often a sign that the water quality is poor, it lacks oxygen. A water filter/fountain helps enormously, not only by filtering the existing water, but water re-entering through a fountain or water feature also adds oxygen. Adding some oxygenating plants also helps. In a garden pond situation in hot humid weather leaving a hose pipe on a fine spray across the surface for a while will also add oxygen and freshen up the water.
  22. Maybe we should all form one, can you sing or play any instruments Middlec ? Hi Diz, For far too many years (retired now) I was a drummer, hence my impaired hearing...............but not actually from drumming. All bands put the guitar amps and speakers at the back of the stage next to the drums so the drummer can hear. Well guess what folks, now I can't hear !!!
  23. What's the betting that an act or a boy/girl band will appear next year on X Factor or BGT called "Maggoty Bins"
  24. I too agree with Algy, strange they could get to Moore Nature reserve. Where from? I think you mean the Runcorn Swing bridge to Wigg Island Algy (not to Spike Island, which is Widnes side of the Mersey!) But, perhaps they could have swam! The bridge across ship canal to Wigg Island is very narrow, only about half the width of normal swing bridges, I wonder why? To deter herds of deer crossing?
  25. Batter them, then deep fry the maggots, before adding the salt and vinegar.
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