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Weird question Asp and surely it's not that cold today :lol:


Isn't normal body temp about 37 c and if your core temperature drops by 2 degrees c you get hypothermia ?


So in answer.... I guess at -273c you'd be ok in the fact that you would be somewhat stiff and would be well preserved <_<

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sorry Cleo yours wasn't there when I started typing and got sidetracked by the phone and I see you already mentioned being him being preserved :oops:


I wonder why he is asking... I'm intrigued :lol:



S'ok. Was wondering myself. Perhaps thinking of having himself cryonically frozen but if he is thinking of it, his body would be dead but his cells wouldn't. It has it's risks too. If the process of freezing is too slow his heart and his brain would be damaged. Hope that answers his question. :unsure:

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