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Keep calm and carry on

Rex Mac

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:lol: Are they ? They look the same to me. :oops:


I did initially think the bit where it is landing sidewards looked a bit iffy, as it juddered like it was dangling on string and had been superimposed or something, but for the life of me I can't see the bit where the right wing suddenly reappears after the landing Eagle :blink:

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It could always be the light playing tricks in the way it reflects off the stickers and paint though.


Yeah, if you really want to believe.


I'm going with the geekery consensus* of the youtube comments.


*I tend to trust opinion that appears better informed than I am, on the Internet. It's tricky, but I think one can pick one's way through it, if one wants to.

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Sorry folks, seems as though I was taken in by this.


I did a bit of searching following on from the earlier posts and the general belief is that it is indeed an elaborate hoax using a remote control model.


However, one comment from a US pilots forum did amuse me, "Consider the angle of the rudder prior to landing, this angle would slam the aircraft into the ground." Surely, the same laws of physics would apply to an RC model? Hopefully the guy who posted this comment only has a PPL and doesn't fly C.A.

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