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Where in Warrington Quiz


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3. The old coach house, Walton hall.

6. Turnbuckle to a bridge supporting hawser or rod, but can't tell you where?.

7. Fiddlers Ferry chimney & cooling towers.

8. St Elphins.

9. Gas holder, Winwick Road.

10, St Mary's Church, Buttermarket Street.

Nos. 7,8,9 and 10 correct Algy

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AARGH !!!!


3 looks like it belongs at Walton Gardens due to the brickwork etc but I've never see it there so it can't be... I don't think :oops:


6 is clearly near some water and at first I though it was near the pond at Walton Gardens where the road goes upto the hall but it's not as the area behind the water is too open.


Grrrr... is number 6 near the Sankey Canal PJ ?


All this is very frustrating although I seem very good at saying where it probably isn't rather than where is :shock::lol::oops:

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Are you sure its not a birdie......



Ey up is number 3 the building at Walton Golf Course? That would tie in with the fact that to me it looks like the design of the other outer buildings at Walton Hall and it is part of the original estate....and a 'birdie' is a golf term. :D

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