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School lottery?


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I assume your talking about where a child will go as opposed to a college student??


We have the same problem here - it gets to be a nightmare, everyone wants a choice to send their child to the school they want them in but most don't want to be responsible for getting the child there and home. The price of busing has gone sky high! :roll:

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Originally posted by observer:

So, on that basis Diz, if ALL schools are built to an identical design, we've solved the problem of good/bad schools?! :wink:

Yep... it appears so.


You can't expect children to receive an excellent level of education in a older design building.

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Major decisions about schools should be taken out of the hands of local authorities, where more often than not cost over-rides education needs. Decisions should be made by people who actually understand what they are doing and the consequesnces of their actions.


By the way Obs I agree it is the teachers who are the most important I was being a tad sarky..(not to you but in general :D


Stockton Heath Primary was way above average too and performing well in a 100 year old building and yet some dim wits decided to approve blowing ?6 million on building a new school on the same grounds and knocking the perfectly good existing one down.... Why, cos old buildings are not fit for 21st century education :roll:

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