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Food Hospital?


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Yes eating the right sort of food or any food is preferable to popping pills.

But what exactly is the "Right" and "Wrong" food.

To which the answer is "that depends on what you personally are not allergic to or what medical condition you may be suffering from"


Food that is recommended you eat for a heart condition is on the banned list if you have diabetes and vice versa so i you have both you have to starve to death :mrgreen:

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A report came out this morning by Oxford university that said if the Scots ate as well as the English they would be a lot more healthy.


It said the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish eat too many saturated fats and too much salt and the results have shown there is less bad diet related problems in England.


That news hasn't gone down too well here in Scotland this morning. :D

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Och aye th' noo they ur sayin' th' bludy sassanachs can eat their porridge withit salt if they want but we will eat oors wi'.


And the welsh are saying, Deipio 'r DESTUN ddeisyfi at chyfieitha 'ma. Ad 'r Saesneg bori beth hwy angen a ad ni ar ei ben ei hun at bori 'n drwythedig brasterau ai ddeisyfwn hefyd.

(loosely translated for Dizzy - Allow the English to eat what they want and let us alone to eat our saturated fats if we wish also.)


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