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Do we care ?


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Very interesting last night that the Oz v NZ match wasn't a sell out. If we can't sell out a smallish stadium with the world's supposedly top two teams when will we sell out ? Warrington can't be blamed when clubs such as St Helens, Wigan, Widnes and others are just a few minutes drive away. If you enjoy games of RL which are big on biff bash and low on skills then last night's game was for you. Not for me I'm afraid.I'm an old flatulent who can remember the time when the game was a bit like boxing, the first golden rule which is to avoid being hit. RL used to be similar in the fact players used to use kidology rather then brute force to overcome opponents...dummies, side steps, change of pace etc etc.Lockyer is supposed to be the world's foremost half back. Give me a break. Not once during the whole of the game did he try to run and beat a man.You've only got to look at just how many players have had reconstructive surgery on various parts of the body to realise that the game is now dominated by pumped up gym constructed athletes who haven't got the skills or brain to obtain success by skillful means. This together with the cheating spoiling tactics is greatly reducing the entertainment aspect of what used to be the world's greatest game.As my old grandad used to say..*They are going to get the game done away with*

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Yes the crowd last not was a little disappointing. I would have thought it would be a sell out for those two teams. I was not there myself as I am away with work but had I been at home I would have been there.


I do think there are several skill full players around. But today's skill is more of playing up to the referee. Sam Tomkins is a prime example. Biff and bash is still around and to be honest that is all I want to see from the prop forwards. I want to see them make the hard yards and put the big tackles in. When a prop forward tries to dummy or side step or change pace they rarely achieve nothing. When Morley puts a big hit in, everyone loves it.


I do think the players of today are in better shape. Especially the forwards. I remember forwards who were big pie eating, beer drinking guys who would do well if they played for more than 15 minutes. I much prefer today's athletes and the speed of the game.


What makes Rugby League great is the fact it is not Rugby Union.

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Of course there has always been biff bash in the game but back in the day it was restricted to the front row of the pack. The problem in the modern game is that there are too many playing in prop forward mode...Look at the modern threequarters...Most of them are 14 stone plus and they are playing like prop forwards. Big hits are all well and good but Adrian Morley was out of the game for weeks when he broke a cheekbone when atempting one of his trademark hits at Wigan.. That's not doing the club much good.

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