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Global warming again

Lt Kije

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Have you been listening to the BBC news again Lt Kije? If you actually read the actual paper, all it does is confirm that yes, global temperatures have indeed(on average) been rising since the end of the last ice age. This truth is not disputed by skeptical scientists, as this has been demonstrated by instrumental records. What isn't demonstrated by this paper or any other is that global warming is due to CO2, or that human beings have had any influence on temperature. And the fact remains that global temperatures have been steady for over 10 years, sea temperatures are falling, sea levels are rising more slowly, and global ice is increasing. AGW protagonists are now getting desperate to find something, anything, that will enable them to hold on to the research funding they have been receiving for producing claptrap for the last 30 odd years. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Even if it were true, that mankind is/has caused it; you don't actually believe Kije that the situation can now be reversed do you? With India and China set to pollute on a scale in excess of our 20C contribution, due to their natural desire for all the material products that we've enjoyed, I'd suggest the horse has bolted. Much better to adapt to the changes and prepare accordingly. :unsure:

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True Cleo :wink: , but it also a fact that our pollution is making it worse, and it is the middle east that will feel it before Europe, as they will run out of water. :wink:


I'm not so sure about that. Another source as been discovered feeding the Nile from Chad. Apparently thousands of acres of water underground in the desert which may well help to make the desert fertile. :wink:

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Then it would seem that ALL the news stations haven't bothered with the details of the paper, just gone for the headline (erroneously). This is par for the course with the MSM. No news is no news, so just big some suggestion up to make headlines. And of course the Lt Kijes of this world take it hook, line and sinker every time.

Time will tell. Hope your central heating boiler has been serviced this year :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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It has been said many times that global warming, could actually mean some places getting colder Asp, as you know. And the paper does confirm mankind is making what is a natural Phenomina worse :wink:


We must be talking about different water aquifers Cleo, But it is a fact once you start pumping the fresh water out it will run out, or it will become more saline as you pump it :wink:

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The AGW cheerleaders only came up with the "global warming means cooling" garbage when the warming trend stopped (funnily enough, at the same time they started referring to it as "climate change" instead). And the paper does not in any way "confirm" anything. That is just the spin that is being put on it by the vested interests.


And please, please, please invest in a dictionary or desist from using words that you don't know how to spell (I am asking nicely) :wink: :wink: :wink:

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This month's New Scientist is worth a read, bought mine to read on the train to Uni yesterday:


Under the heading what we do know - and what we don't they write:


Know: Greenhouse gases are warming the planet

'there is overwhelming evidence that CO2 is the prime cause of recent warming'


Don't know: How far greenhouse gas levels will rise


Know: Other pollutants are cooling the planet


After large volcanic eruptions the planet cools for a year or two - but unlike CO2 the influence of SO2 is short-lived


Don't Know: How great our cooling effects are - complex effects of aerosol droplets.


Know: The planet is going to get a lot hotter


Don't Know: Excatly how much hotter things will get - maybe upto 6 degrees


Don't Know: How the climate will change in specific regions


Know: Sea level is going to rise many meters


Don't know: how quickly sea level will rise


Don't know: How serious a threat global warming is to life


Don't know Whether there will be more hurricanes and the like


Know: There will be more floods and droughts


Don't know: If and when tipping points will be reached


So there you go food for thought or NOT if you are in a drought :oops: - given that we are in between Ice Ages the world will eventually cool down but will get to a peak temperature inbetween again then there is the impact of man.

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Put a bet on everything Asp says and you will win big. Y'all must have lived through the 'pea soupers' we used to have and seen the pictures of billowing smoke stacks in Albania. Seen the smoke rising from a millon home fires, plus the stacks of coal burning trains and power stations and every other factory. All with no anti-pollution filter systems or scrubbers. Ah, the glorious fifties, the only thing that we didn't have was global warming. In fact, there was a period when the same kooks were predicting a new ice age. Asperity is right, they only changed their terminology when the couldn't explain the record cold spells.

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