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Car Handbrake failure?

Geoffrey Settle

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For my 2,000 post - here's a question for you Jeremy Clarkson types.


Just over a week ago I had my daughters car serviced - two days later the handbreak cable ceased to work it was a dead (Norwegian Blue) handbrake. :oops:


The garage's explanation - (and they had just fitted a brand new one blue cable) -was that I must have driven over a block of wood or something.


This object had shot up behind the back wheel and dislodged the handbreak pivot cable making it slack and unusable a freak accident!!


I was shown the nick in the cable where this impact had occurred - and reassured that when the vehicle had left the MOT bay is was reading a pass - the results where transmitted to the MOT online. It was a freak accident.


Please discuss............. <_<:shock:

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Geoff, two ways to view the situation, either the garage have been neglectful and are fabricating this story to avoid responsibility or it was as they have suggested a 'freak' accident, whether you accept their explanation is entirely up to you. An MOT certificate only states that the vehicle was in a roadworthy condition up to the time that the inspector signs the document and after that the mechanical and structural condition of the vehicle is the total responsibility of the registered owner. There is an appeal's procedure but that is only where the owner disagrees with points that the vehicle has been failed on.

By the way many folk out there (perhaps the younger element) may not be aware of what a "Norwegion Blue" is that you are referring to.

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The fact that it worked for two days seems to support their case that something had bounced up and dislodged the pivot cable. Not knowing what connections are around the back wheel of the car in question I would have to see it to give an honest opinion, but as the handbrake arrangements on most cars seem to be similar then it is quite possibly the case. Given the amount of debris that litters the average road it is surprising that it does not happen more often.


Given the circumstances that would have to occur for the piece of wood or whatever to flick up at just the right spot and with just the right force to dislodge the pivot cable is akin to a miracle.(just because something bad comes out of it does not mean that the circumstances needed for it to happen are less miraculous) :shock:

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Parts on cars can get broken but given all the circumstances I think I smell a rat. (could be a dead one I suppose)


You’ve no way of proving it wasn’t the result of a freak accident so if the garage dig their heels in and refuse to put things right then just tell them you’re taking you business elsewhere and ideally tell others about your experience.


So which garage is this then Geoff? And btw there’s no law that says you’re not allowed to say who your not happy with, just dont say they're rubbish!


Bill :)

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Thanks guys - the job was put right (with a bit of hot air. However given I have to be very careful as to what I write or say I'd rather keep away from any lawyers but as you say Bill word of mouth asking others customers for recommendations and feedback works wonders.


My main fear was that if it had been my daughter driving how would she have coped, especially when leaving junction 9 on the M62 up the hill and in heavy traffic and lights on red. It's a tricky manouver with a handbrake more so without. :unsure:

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