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Scarecrow or councillor?


Scarecrow v Councillor  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you vote for?

    • Councillor
    • Scarecrow
    • None of the above

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Brilliant and nice to see some councillors have a sense of humour :lol:


However, as is usual with me and polls on here, I am going to have to think about it before I vote. Reasons……..


1) Scarecrows are sort of cute.... councillors generally aren't.


2) Scarecrows are useful... not all councillors are although I do tend to look more favourably towards the likes of Clr Geoff S and other of a similar nature who have at least had the guts to post on here (on either forum or news pages) and who have 'engaged' with ‘their’ public either on specific or more general issues.


3) The scarecrows in the village were interesting and meaningful and I specifically took the time to go and find/see them and even took pictures, they were wonderful and a credit to the businesses in Stockton Heath and us lowly villager’s appreciated that..... can the same be said for councillors... well I'd like to hope so as I'm sure some councillors do a lot but others alegidely just like the 'tag' and the sense of 'power' so alas I'm not really that convinced.


4) Scarecrows are usually used to scare things away... the same 'could' be said for some councillors.


5) After a few weeks the latest scarecrows were put away although some may be back next year (as were some of those from last year but those came back looking refreshed and with a new lease of life) they all filled the village with a sense of cheer, wellbeing, happiness and community spirit.... councillors take note :P


So in making my final decision and my voting on the poll I'd just like to say that I would happily vote for 'councillors' IF more than 4 of them do indeed turn up at the next parish meeting dressed as scarecrows.


I wonder if any will, maybe I’ll go to their next meeting after all :lol:


Will any rise to it or are they too far...... <timed out>

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But Geoff... the idea seems to be for councillor's to dress as scarecrows NOT for councillor's to upload photo's of themselves for other to edit and do all the hard work making them into scarecrows :wink:


So if you have some bottle......tomorrow I would like you to actually dress up like a scarecrow and upload your photo. No cheating, you can't morph a photo or use photo software to clone yourself with a scarecrow you actually have to dress as one .


If you do I will vote 'councillor' on the poll which will increase the vote for you lot to a massive '2'.


Go on I dare you (and I recon you will as you have bottle), and show the rest of them how it's done :wink:


Your already seem to have a pretty good level of street cred (that others of your type maybe lacking) as you are open and post on here meaning you are honest and like to engage with your public in a variety of methods....... but you'd be the only one with some 'field cred' too :wink::D


PS If Clr Paul K (ex poster), Clr Stephen T (the councillor who suggested it) or any other Clr's fancy joining in I'll happily upload your photo's onto here if you can't.


I'm liking this and can't wait..... :D

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