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Yet another poem

harry hayes

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Everyone knows that money talks,

So hear of the poor 1p;

Golden dreams and aspirations,

To "there's no second chance for me".


Forlorn and in a puddle,

I think back 40 years;

That shining decimal penny,

Now lies in angel's tears.


In contrast, my old counterpart,

Fond memories, though long gone;

Songs; poems; English phrases,

So loved by everyone.


Worth two of him when minted,

Almost nothing down the line;

It seems my only purpose,

Is the change from 4.99.


Passers-by look down and ponder,

Slight pause, then walk on by;

Their pride; my little value,

Tells why I'm left to lie.


A weighing machine needs a richer coin,

No penny kept 'just in case';

Then the unkindest cut of all,

Ne'er a smile on a kiddies face.


My life is a downward spiral,

That's why I'm out of sorts;

Is now the time to be rid of me -

A penny for your thoughts.






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Thank you both. No I don't know of bobby Hall as he would be Lancs county and I was a borough man. Wonderful that you remember him as do 1000's of older people in Warrington outskirts remember their local bobby. - Carey; Miller' Watt; Dooley etc. Orford swopped theirs round a lot.


Happy days

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Your poem reminded of the day when i walked from home into town. I saw a penny on the ground but left it lying there. A couple of metres or so I saw another, and then another, and another. I decided to go back and pick them all up. By the time I had reached the town I had picked up £1.02.

What was it my wise old dad often use to say....?

Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves! :wink:

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Thank you very much Cleopatra for the comments. Yes all my own work. Have considered publishing in a book "poetry for low-brows" but it always 'tomorrow'. I think my poems are easy reading but the purist wouldn't be too impressed.


I have always been a look-downer, as my dad was, but picking up pennies?. Find a hundred these days and what have you got? A pound and a bad back.


Paid off though - found £120 in Morrisons a month ago; handed it in; and the loser left me £20.


Happy days

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Never mind the purists. I'm sure many, many people would enjoy reading your poetry and have a smile to themselves as they read them.

As my wise old dad used to say -

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.


Get sorting and typing and write your book of Poetry For Low-Brows.

Add a few illusrations and send to a publisher and be published.

Who knows? One day you could be up there with Tennyson, Byron and Keats.

Well next to Pam Ayres at least! :lol:

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Either that or put them into microsoft publisher and print them out yourself like I did. All it takes is a bit of patience and a bit of fiddling to get the right amount of pages printed. Did all mine in half a4 so that I could make a booklet out of them. The longest part is not thwe writing but having to put the page back in to print the other side.

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Thanks Sid, but that's too complicateed for me. I'd rather pay a dog thn bark myself.


Thank you Cleopatra for your kind posting. Re Wordsworth and the other greats. Should you wish, please read the last paragraph on page 2 of the poetry pages "second of two" - the spoof version,not the serious one.

Best wishes Happy days

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