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Horobins Shop on Sankey Street....


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These photos are from the Facebook site and show Horobins newsagents on Sankey Street. I remebr going in there to get magazines which I had missed a few weeks before and he always still had them in!!


I understand that after his death, the shop was found to contain loads of very old newspapers and other things like that....never heard the outcome though!!





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WHAT!? HOROBIN IS DEAD!? Man, the last time I past that shop the door was opened and I saw him climbing over a mountain of old newspapers and magazines. I don't think he ever returned or binned any unsolds. He must have lost a fortune on them and I don't know how he managed to keep afloat for so long or why the health and safety didn't have him for the state of his shop.

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I remember us going in there a lot in our teens on the way back from the Saturday guitar club at the YMCA. A chap called Rob Savva ran that if I remember rightly.


I always remember Horobin's as it was total chaos and a bit creepy in a way with a really odd smell (a combination of old + damp + dust + rot).


Nice chap though and like already said if you had missed a magazine from weeks or even months back it would be found somewhere amongst all the piles.


I never understood how it stayed open for so many years though considering the state it was in. Rotten on the outside and even worse inside but I guess he either owned the building or no-one dared say anything.


Would be interesting to know what they did eventually find in there when he died and whoe many years back some of the 'stock' went. I guess they probably just got thrown away or burnt though during the clear out.


He must have been doing something right though as it's the only newsagents I remember from that far back and I guess most other locals will remember it too.

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I have lived in warrington all my life (58 years),it's amazing how many places you forget about in the town until a photograph clicks some memories in the back of your mind.Had forgotten about horobins until I saw this photo,always went passed was to spooky to go into it

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I knew Albert Horobin well and had a number of magazines on regular order from him for many years. The incredible thing about him was that he did not (so far as I know) stock any "Top Shelf" magazines. If he did, he kept them well hidden.

He also did not have a telephone on the premises. When he wanted to make a call he would lock the shop and go to the nearest public phone box.

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