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  1. My son says he would like to disown me following my latest YouTube movie, "Fred the Trampoling Frog" Perhaps he is right?
  2. At long last, the name of the new supermarket for Lymm has been revealed http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/articles/20530/1/Anger-as-discount-supermarket-group-moves-in/Page1.html
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, this bench was bought and paid for by a lady in memory of her grandfather, who was not a former councillor
  4. I wonder if Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service were at all worried when they received a 999 call for a fire in Pudding Lane...Chester?
  5. I'm sure the Forum membership (with one or two exceptions) would not be as obnoxious as Brand. He ranks so low in my esteem that I find it annoying he is on the same planet as me, never mind the same village. He shouldn't be admitted to the human race!!
  6. A couple of years ago I was on holiday in a little fishing village in Cornwall and learned that Russell Brand was staying in the same village. I never saw him or heard him but the knowledge that he was within a mile of me spoiled the whole holiday. But there are people worse than him. The people who watch him on TV. If they all switched off, perhaps someone would switch the talentless idiot off as well!
  7. DS

    Lizard Love Story

    It's been a long time coming, but my Lizard film (helped by my subsequent Eagles Nest film) has at last reached 1,000 viewings. I am hoping "Lizard Love Story" might get to four figures on its own before the end of the year. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-o0weEdJYCtX7ZH-Ohkdfw
  8. DS

    Peter Stubbs House

    Further to my previous post. The White House was built in 1904 for industrialist Peter Stubs who ran the Warrington file cutting firm. It covered four acres and and until 1986 remained a private property when it was demolished and the land used to build the current private hospital. From before 1947 until 1972 The White House was occupied by George and Etty Parton, after which it was owned by Jim Jenkins, and his wife Joyce.
  9. DS

    Peter Stubbs House

    Believe it was called The White House. Latterly, it was the home of Jim Jenkins, of Warrington estate agent Taylor-Jenkins. He was a former Conservative agent in Warrington and also a borough councillor. I think Peter Stubs only had one "b" ! No pictures, I am afraid.
  10. DS

    Edwin Allen

    Yes - founded in 1894 by the great grandfather of the most recent owner. The business had been on the market for some time with a price tag of £285,000.
  11. Sid - you really must stop relying on alternative and unreliable media sources for your information! To put your rmind at rest, may I inform you that the outline planning application which was approved by the council is for, and I quote, "the erection of 11 dwellings and conversion of the former Ship Inn and adjacent outbuildings to residential use (three dwellings). Elsewhere in the report considered by the development management committee, it states: "The existing locally listed building would remain in-situ. At this stage, no physical alterations to the building are proposed." Of course, it is possible that a later, detailed planning application may seek to alter this. But there is no indication that this may be the case.
  12. LATCHFORD LOCKS Yes - you are right. John Mounfield was a distinguished local press photographer who covered not only RL matches, but just about every other sport and literally hundreds of news stories in the Warrington area. But he also did weddings and commercial photography. Peter Street no longer exists, but memory tells me it was somewhere near the bus station, possibly next to the Hop Pole pub. Wherever it was, John had a little shop with a window full of photographs and, presumably, a dark room at the back. Anyone who remembers Britain's then worst-ever motorway crash, which was on Thelwall Viaduct, in dense fog. There were pictures in all the national papers of the devastation - and John took them after walking out onto the viaduct to get them. My recollection is that he ended up giving a bed for the night to one of the motorists trapped in the chaos! He was one of the great characters of Warrington journalism.
  13. Les Waterhouse, Mersey Street, John Mounfield, Peter Street?
  14. Dizzy, Gary is right - all Skentelbery folk are related to us. I have a family tree somewhere and will dig it out and see if the tragic John is on it. I am pretty sure he will be, although it will not give details of his death - only the date. What is an amazing coincidence, however, is the fact that you have been researching ancient back issues of the West Briton, because I have, this week, been interviewed by a reporter from the same newspaper (which is still going strong) about my (plug, plug) film "Lizard Love Story" which can be seen elsewhere in the forum. Apparently they are going to do a feature on it. Over the years, my wife and I have several times seriously considered moving to Cornwall and starting a business there. In which case, Orbit News Ltd might have been a Cornish agency rather than a Warrington one. If we had gone on the first occasion we considered it, Gary would never have been a Scouser. He would probably have been a Plymouth Argyle supporter! We have considered going down there as recently as four years ago, when we saw a house overlooking the sea that would have suited us nicely. It wouldn't have flooded, either, because it was at the top of a very steep hill.
  15. DS

    Lizard Love Story

    Actually Dizzy, I'm not good on heights myself so if I can do it, so can you. Get your boots on! But thanks for your encouraging words.
  16. DS

    Lizard Love Story

    Many thanks Eagle. It's actually only 29 minutes, but you did well to stick it out without falling off your perch!
  17. You would think, wouldn't you, that if you picked a name like "Lizard Love Story" for your first-ever publicly available movie, you would be the first. But no - after uploading my film to YouTube I find someone else got there before me. The difference is, his film is about sex between lizards, mine is about the beautiful Lizard Peninsula, in Cornwall. He's had more viewings than me, but mine only went online two weeks ago! I'm no Steven Spielberg, but if anyone is thinking of holidaying in Cornwall, my film does show quite a bit of the lovely coastline, tells a bit about its history and even shows me confronting strange monsters on an isolated cliff path on a windy winter's day. It also shows my wife doing a King Canute act on the beach. Anyone who would care to click on the following link might help me catch up with the other "Lizard" guy!
  18. No Algy, I don't think Health and Safety would allow this today. But a few years ago I went to Switzerland by train, and travelled around quite a lot on Swiss railways. These were normal services, of course, not steam trains for enthusiasts, but I witnessed scenes not unlike those in your video. People wandering around on the track and country stations with no proper platforms where you more or less walked along the track to get on the train. And, of course, the trains all ran on time!
  19. The boats and the funfair were run by the Cheetham family and I went to school with Brian Cheetham. In my teens I used to cycle to Pickmere most weekends in the summer and spent a lot of time at the fair. If Brian was running the Dodgems we often got free rides! There was also a roundabout called, I think, the Noah's Ark, with various animals to ride on. It was, as I recall, quite a scary ride and not really suitable for young children. But we made it more scary by changing animals during the ride! There was a Fun House, with a juke box which played old 78rpm records. I remember flogging "Dragnet" by the Ray Anthony orchestra to death which was rather silly really as I had the record at home as well. I took my grandchildren to see Pickmere a couple of years ago and found, as others have, the place deserted and silent and rather sad. I spoke to a local resident who said they are always meeting people who come back to their childhood haunt and go away rather sad. But I suppose for the people who live there, it is a lot more peaceful now.
  20. It's not often I contribute to these debates, but I felt I should provide some "balance" here. I have visited A&E at Warrington twice within the space of a week, both times late at night. On both occasions we were seen within 15 minutes. The staff were excellent, the facilities spotless. Yes, we were there for some hours, but that was because of the seriousness of the condition, not because of a queue. I understand people are not necessarily seen in the order in which they arrive, but are prioritised according to the seriousness of their condition. We are continually being told not to go to A&E with trivial complaints so if we do so we cannot be surprised if we are kept waiting. I think A&E have an excellent team who are doing a great job and I know other people who think the same.
  21. A number of posts have been edited or deleted because previous use of certain words and phrases attracted the attention of the police. Had these words and phrases been allowed to stay the posters may have been receiving a visit from the police. WWW might also have been receiving a visit! Perhaps this might be borne in mind in discussing certain topics
  22. It is certainly outrageous if he is advocating courts behind closed doors. Not heard about it myself, but I assume you know what you are talking about. Trouble is, most courts are effectively already held behind closed doors because the media can no longer afford to keep reporters sitting in court. Thousands of courts, which were once given almost 100 per cent coverage by the press, now carry on in splendid isolation. I know the public can wander in if they want, but the only ones that do are relatives and friends of either defendants or victims, and neither can be said to be impartial witnesses. Justice MIGHT still be done, but it is not being SEEN to be done most of the time!
  23. Hey, Dizzy, not so much of blaming news reporters! Either that or stop listening to the radio, if they got it wrong. This website said 101 and all the radio reports I heard said 101. So I suggest you stop listening to Radio Toy Town!
  24. For a brief period on Saturday night I could hear the bass in my living room above the sound of the TV. And I live in Lymm. On Sunday I occasionally heard it while in the garden. I really do think this is a bit much for the people who live nearer to the site. Why, oh why, do they have to play it so loud?
  25. Casablanca, Casablanca and Casablanca
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