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Can there be only one?

Evil Sid

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just few things that may keep you awake of a night time.


these are prompted by a quote from the highlander. "there can be only one". anyhow it got me thinking about things that may or may not come in ones.


For example, a singular of binocular is monocular.


So why isn't the single of bicycle monocycle instead of unicycle?


You can buy a pair of trousers and you get one garment. So by inference you should be able to buy a single trouser. That being the case would it only have one leg,would it be a left leg or a right leg and where would you buy one from?


If you joined two unicycles together would it be a bicycle or a tandem?


And final one can you legally ride a unicycle down a bicycle lane?

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All cycles are powered be it by human power,electric power or engine power.

I drive a quadricycle so if any powered cycle is allowed in a cycle lane then I should be fine or fined :blink:


And if you want to be a bit of a pedant then mine is pedal powered. It has an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal. :mrgreen:

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