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Be careful Algy you clearly know not what you are meddling in :shock:


I didn't know either until I googled and the evil forces are everywhere .. AAAARGH smiley-scared007.gif


But I'm a whimp anyway ... and the last HP I saw scared me :oops:


Mary.. enjoy and report back asap.




smiley-greet006.gifHappy 15th Birthday smiley-greet001.gifto your daughter Gary... I hope she has a great day and enjoys the film.


Ohh to be that age again ... I wish :)

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Glad you enjoyed it Mary and I watched the trailer through 'peeping eyes' last night and it did look good.


I must be the only grown up who is scared of watching a whole HP film though... the earlier ones were ok but then one of the later ones scared the life out of me in parts :lol::unsure:

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