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Local recipes or delicacies

The posse

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I noticed you also ask for recepies as well as delicacies The Posse and I googled but still can't find any.


Any particular reason why you are looking and have you found any ?


There mus have been some at some time or another in Warrington and it's frustrating me now :huh:

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"scouse" is like a certain Liverpool football team.... you fill the pan with a load of cheap ingredients, left overs and cast offs.... and then add the odd nice bit. Mix it all together with the hopes of finding a winning combination.


Sadly it takes a long long time for that to happen and you have to make do with the odd good dish every few years!

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What's scouse is it like hot pot ? :oops:



Bit harsh on the Bitters there Baz but I have to agree with the cast offs bit, mostly as payment from your lot for rolling over. :D:D


By the same logic is the "Manc Tart" a recipe for rampant teenage pregnancies. :wink:

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But surely all these that have been mentioned already are not really local delicacies or recipies... they are just foods which people like and are not specific to Warrington (or are they?)


The Posse... where are you... and have you found any yet ? :unsure:

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I found this link but it relates to "Regional recipes/foods from Cheshire,Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and the Wirral" ie the North West... It's a book by Francis Frith and if you scroll down there are quite a few listed and some other info.


Maybe some of these are from Warringon but without being able to read the book I don't really know. Perhaps the local library has a copy.




Not much help probably but I tried :)

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