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BT Broadband.

Peter T

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Received an e-mail which won't let me copy and paste, saying that I have used 7gb of my monthly 10gb allowance after which I will be charged.

This peasant is wondering

1, how have I used so much,

and 2. how do I know when I have reached my limit? :shock:

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Well you're not on here a lot so it does seem excessive :lol:


Why can't you cut and paste your email?


How do you connect to your BT internet?


Is it via laptop/pc or mobile phone

Is it by wi-fi,

is it plugged in normally at your home or

is it via one of those little laptop dongle things that you can use from anywhere?


PS I thought you were with Virgin !?!?

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There are several free downloads available to measure internet usage.

Type "Net Meter" into Google.

The one that I have shows, Daily, Weekly, Monthly totals and projected uses, etc., etc.

Alternatively, sign up for BT Infinity Option 2 where you get unlimited usage.

It doesn't cost a lot more than BT Broadband Option 1.

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Victor, I will look into that. having read the e-mail properly, they did give a link to check the usage.


I have found out why the usage is so high. I have been catching up on programs that I had missed.


Dizzy, It depends which end of the country I am in. :wink:

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Square eyes :lol:


You need to upgrade Peter like Victor says or stop watching TV on your PC. All of Virgin's broadband packages are unlimited too.


At least they told you and you found out before you went over your limit. :wink:

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While on the subject of broadband, I upgraded to BT Infinity on Thursday and the BT engineer told me that it is better to leave the hub on i.e., don't unplug when computer is turned off. He didn't fully explain why but said it worked better that way. Can anyone tell me if this is the case and why ? I don't like to leave electrical items plugged in when not in use. Apart from the safety aspect, leaving the hub on for 24 hours every day will cost almost £1 pound per week in electricity consumption.

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Kije may be right. (I know.....miracles do happen!)


Check that the settings in the router don't have the BT Openzone function enabled. Otherwise you will have every illegal immigrant and Pole using your free WiFi without you knowing!!

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If you keep turning your router off, your IP address will probably be resetting itself each time. Also modems don't just switch on and work, depending on the type it may take considerably longer to start than the PC.




Bill :rolleyes:

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My virgin modem and seperate set top box get switched off every time I go out and every night and no-one ever told me to leave them on. I've never had a problem with it starting or getting updates though. There's the usual wait for the set top box tv channles to load but that would happen anyway cos of the TV being unplugged and doesn't affect the PC. It's never changed my ip address though if that's what you mean.


Bit frustrating if someone unplugs the TV when I'm on here though as I lose my internet connection.. I'm sure they do it on purpose. :lol:


My router is completely seperate all together and is NOT a virgin hub as they didnt do routers when we got our broadband from them so we had to buy our own. That gets switched off everytime I unplug my pc regardless of whether I unplug the main modem etc or not.


A worrying thing though is that our hard wired router which is also wireless (although I thought it was disabled) seems more than happy to let us all connect to it via wifi on our mobiles and it will not let me access the settings to tell it otherwise so I guess every man and his dog can use it if they are close enough. :shock:


Any ideas how I can block it for everyone except us :oops:

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