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Just like in Egypt, both sides know that their tourist industry is far too valuable to put at risk.


I doubt you'd see any trouble in the holiday hotspots.


You are right that would never happen




Dragging up a 15 year old story about a terrorist strike to try and say something about the current situation???????


Anyone who's been to the tourist areas of Egypt knows how security conscious the terrorism of the mid to late 90's - and the HUGE resultant financial impact on their economy from the virtual halting of their tourism industry - made both the authorities and the general population.


It's PRECISELY because of the experience of those incidents that Egyptians would now everything humanly possible to avoid any kind of disruption in the tourist resorts.

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The massacre that decimated the Egyptian tourist trade was down to a few extremists with no regard for anything except their own cause but even during the recovery process, they were still take pop shots at tourist that ventured away from the main tourist areas.


I think civil unrest and demonstrations for political reform are a far cry from the threat of terrorism and I doubt they would have as damaging effect as the government here would have us believe. We visited Egypt just two years after the event and the effect was all too clear to see. There was a small risk involved in going there but it was one that we considered and were prepared to accept.


I?ve just got back from a very nice week in Turkey with the Greeks kicking off on one side and the Syrians on the other. Did this worry us? Not for one moment! Lifes too short, go out and enjoy your holiday and stop worrying. :wink:


Bill :)

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