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Still room for improvement!!!


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Can I suggest one improvement... and that is that TS doesn't chew his gum all the time (and open mouthed at that) whenever he his being filmed watching the matches on TV.


My other half will kill me for putting that as he says TS has turned the team around and they are now playing in the way they are capable of playing... and that is to WIN.


Me being a girlie keeps getting sidetracked by his 'cow chewing cud' shots:oops:

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In the televised game against wigan at the weekend there was a point where the cameras were on Tony Smith and he turned to a member of the coaching staff on his left and told them that he was F***ing freezing!!


If thats all our coach is worrying about with approx 10 mins to go in a game against the current champions at their ground then Im a very happy man :D

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