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Make a Stand - ?


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Thousands of people waste their time going to a place and putting X on a piece of paper in the hope that they, the legal authority for the land, will do what they say they would do on a law and order policy. Everytime they do jack all. Most people in this country know the cause and the solution but for the last 25 years the authority has let the people down.

If it carries on as it is how long will it be before vigilante groups are out and about sorting the scum out by not very nice methods?

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The British legal system is too tied up in history. It has been built up over 100's of years with amendments to amendments silly names of Acts.

What we need is a new start, the German system given to them by the British American alliance is quite good. They have a penal code starting at '1' murder and going down through all the laws, if you commit an offence it is contrary to XXX if the penal code. They also have a traffic and civil code. It is very easy to understand, very clear no if's, buts? and maybe's or this only applies when the moon is blue on Monday?s. They also dont have endless definitions of words that change with each different code. I have an English copy of it here that we used in the military.

A simple one that I always liked was,

It is an offence not to kill a caterpillar in the wine growing season.

Punishment was one weeks salary. This was later amended (Mid 60's) to a fixed penalty fine and one month loss of civil liberties. Which really meant that you could not use public transport, swimming baths, libraries etc.


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