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Demographic timebomb.


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The tax-payer - and I don't think they'll get it back, niether do I think young couples will still afford mortgage repayments in an insecure future. :roll:


True. I have recently read that a lot of people are dreading the interest rates rising because they could only just about afford their mortgages in the first place. A case of 'Must have it now and worry about the future when it comes!' It is worrying that there will be a huge number of repossessions by the end of the year if this is really the case. On the bright side it might be good for the housing market!

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Baby Boomer's have been retiring for about 6 years now - why do you think our governments are having troubles.


We had Social Security for retired people in a fund by itself - along came RAYGUN and plopped it in the General Fund - now I work until I am 70 and there still may not be any benefit (which I have paid into since I was 16). :twisted:

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