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A point I was only thinking today Obs.


HMS Ark Royal may have come in handy for starters.


HMS Liverpool is being decomissioned next year and I believe HMS Cumberland which is currently in Lybia is also to be decomissioned on its return to the UK.


For sale and recently refurbished, one owner from new, however, cannot afford upkeep so going to the best offer, discounts for friends(as usual) Delivery is possible....

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Just a thought. Given our political parties love for the European project, is it not probable that the reason for all the armed forces cuts is to remove the UK's independent defence and switch to the pan European model which is the dream of the Europhiles? After all call me Dave is an avid Europhile whatever he may say to the contrary, and I think you could say the same for all the "top" politicians today :roll::roll::roll:

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I believe we get about 9% of our crude oil from Libya, although Europe as a hole (sorry, whole) takes about 95% of Libyas oil export. Of course there are still fleets of tankers full of oil lying at anchor off our coasts waiting until the oil price gets high enough for a real killing :wink::wink::wink:

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