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I've just checked and I am a 'people' so I can post here too :lol:


You feeling a little left out fugs hence you started your own 'pm' topic.


Well here's an insight as to what really goes on in the mods 'pm' topic most days. I watch out for newly registered spam users and other oddities and report them in the pm section where Gary or Peter[Admin] delete them before they start posting ie


New user




Location: Bulgaria

Occupation: Human

Interests: Walking, hiking


Web site ***************

ICQ Number **********


I guess I've spoilt the fun now.

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Durh if I could delete them myself I wouldn't have to put them in the 'pm' section :P


I do not have the special Admin powers to delete users ... I can only edit/delete posts and tell people off as I am just a lonely moderator :lol:


As for other members getting the irritating "no access" message .....well what can I say other than you have all posted on here for long enough to know that you dont have access to it so simple solution on your part is DON'T CLICK ON IT :lol::lol::lol::P:wink:

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