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New Parking Laws -


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Just saw this on the news - have you got your facts right?


The company that I used to work for has been involved with CCTV cameras and the like in Westminster. For some time now and evidence like this has been used which I'm sure does identify where the offense took place. After all the cameras are usually fixed so their location is known.


The appeal process is being made clearer.


Apparently only a small percentage of people appeal (is that because they know they were wrong or don't know that they can appeal?) but of those who do appeal 60% win (does that mean that those claiming know that the offense wasn't justified?) - oh those statistics you could postulate for ages.


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The way I understand the new changes are


From 31 March all councils have to operate a two tier system of parking charges when they issue penalty notices (PCN's).


Drivers who park where parking is always forbidden get higher fines whereas those who exceed time limits will get lower fines.


This seems fair to me.


Councils will also be able to issue PCN's by post where illegal parking has been caught on CCTV or if a motorist prevents a ticket being issued at the scene (maybe by driving off etc).


Like speeding tickets through the post I would imagine that PCN's could only be issued via the post IF the council has evidence/proof (dated CCTV or photographic) that your vehicle was parked in a specific spot illagally.


Currentenly if you get a parking ticket stuck on your windscreen the blue coats photograph your car and parking restriction signs at the same time as slapping your ticket on... so they have the proof.


Easiest thing is not to park where you shouldn't though :D

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there are many grounds under which you can appeal a parking ticket which may not show up on any surveilance camera, which may have been rectified by the time you become aware of the alledged offence.


for example.


a ticket may not be enforceable if the yellow lines do not end in a valid T shape, or if the line is significantly broken further down the road.

The parking restrictions for single yellows stating loading time permissions, after 6pm or weekends, may be vandalised or missing at the time of the offence, making parking perfectly legal.


of course 3 weeks later when you get your notification, this may have been repaired.


and thats just the black & white cases, can the camera angle correctly define overhang, disabled badges or even the extreem of a car waiting on a double yellow as opposed to parking, as waiting on a double yellow is not illegal, hence a traffic warden always asks you to move on rather than booking you.

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What I think it goes to show is how equipment introduced for one purpose gets used for another, especially what that other purpose involves money. It is a question of trust as to whether the reason for introducing some new security measure is actually the real reason for its introduction.


I happen to think there are far too many yellow lines anyway, but that being said those that are there for real safety reasons need to be properly enforced.....by the most appropiate means.

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So now you know what all the extra camera poles are around town. I thought that they were a bit low, ideal for parking offences.

But with no police around maybe it would be better not to have number plates on?

Tough on crime , tough on parking. As this council said they are not going to make any money out of parking offences, why are they then wasting money?

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I have always suspected that yellow lines are not there to aid road throughfair, but to aid supermarkets with possibility of some nice bung for a planning chief, or more revenue for the councils car parks.


most roads that have double yellow lines, were perfectly adequate in the 70s for people to park where they liked for free, small local shops thrived as they picked up passing trade and dispite there being cars parked either side of the road, traffic was able to pass unhindered.


a double bubble bonus to this was that cars traveled slower down the narrower road, as parked car doors opened occasionaly, kids were stupidly crossing between parked cars despite tufty's desperate pleas and sometimes you had to slow to allow oncoming traffic to pass at a gap.


now, they stop people paking for free by double yellowing the likes of orford lane or london road , small businesses suffer, the roads are clearer, so the wreckless kids of the 70s' now wrecklessly rally down the road in the clios, people pay a fortune in taxs to put traffic calming "fake parked cars" in the form of juts in the pavement and road bumps.


the racers are given engines, ready, go lights costing electricity where roundabouts used to be free of environmental costs.


the eyesore tin boxes called supermarkets knock down warringtons history for their "free" car parking ensuring we go there and not old mrs woolies corner shop.


a result of the closure of all these small butchers, bakers, hardware, florists, pet shops is a deluge of immigrants opening up takaways, the general class of the area going down thanks to the smells, the fact that the flats above are suitable only for the lowest class of society, who leave their litter strewn for us to pay to have cleared.


its a sad world...or rather its a sad warrington.


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I have lived in my flat for 5 years , for the first 3 I owned a car and parked it on the front as did my neighbours...legally as there were no parking restrictions.


Having not had a car for the last 2 years I failed to notice that the council had sneakily made this semi residential street a no parking zone from Monday to Saturday and 2 of my friends have had ?60 tickets now in the last 2 months.


There is very limited space at the rear of the houses for some of the residents to park but not all...and on the only day we are allowed to park outside our own homes the bloody street is full of cars belonging to people using the church /sigh.


WBC wont be happy until all places in Warrington are the same and we all have to pay to park !!


Well stfu WBC...I'm now using a mountain bike and parking it in the hallway :onfire:

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