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Oooh that's a hard one for this time of the night Obs.... I'll have to sleep on that one.


For now though.. sometimes people are told there is 'no medical need' simply because the authorities have to save money :?


It's not only that but the question could also be asked about cheaper medicines which are now routinely prescribled (again to save money) which actually in themselves make people ill or their conditions worse :?


As for the flu vaccine.... I don't know as that is one that until supplies started to run out was being offered on a 'want' basis within companies so as to avoid possible outbreaks and 'time off' work.

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IF there is an established medical need to vaccinate everyone in the Country, then it should be done - other than that, we have to accept the advise of the medicos. What imo isn't acceptable is the securing of medicines simply cos you can afford them - which would contravene the current political bugle call of "we're all in it together" (unless your a Banker of course)! :wink:

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Just a thought...


I was going through the mother-in laws kitchen cupboard to give her some indigestion tablets after a large dinner, I could not believe my eyes, she had enough medicine and tablets, most out of date, that would cause America to think she was planning tactical biological warfare. I am sure Hans Blick would have his work cut out trying to disarm the kitchen cupboard and make it safe!


Anyway being the caring type, I had the out of date medicine bagged and taken to the local chemist for safe disposal. :roll:

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I found that with my mum..... she always used to have bag loads of medicines and stuff delivered regardless of wether she needed it.... now I just get a repeat prescription when she does need some..... probably a bit of a scam from the surgeruy and the chemist to keep supplying the stuff so they get paid!

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My last comment was in reply to your one about the baby which you put a ' :wink: ' after !!


You may find this interesting Lt


112 people with flu have died in the UK since September


These includes


6 children under 5,

9 aged 5 to 14

70 aged 15 to 64.


Of 81 cases where information was available, 63 were in risk groups for flu.


The number of people in critical care in England has fallen from 783 last week to 661.


The three-year-old's life support machine was switched off just two days after she apparently caught a cold.


Among those in critical care (intensive care and high dependency), 18 patients are under five

eight are aged five to 15.


Of the 112 dead, 95 had swine flu and another five had flu type B.


Another 12 deaths have not had their flu type confirmed.


Oh yes and Warrington has one of the highest rates in the North West so I hope you don't catch it :wink:

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being one of the at risk groups i have had the flu jab. also had a good bought of flu between christmas and new year. could not tell you what strain it was (apart from the strain of trying to walk a dog at seven in the morning whilst shivering uncontrollably). did not go to the doctor just followed my usual practice of staying as warm as possible and drinking plenty of fluids.


no help from Mrs Sid as it was her who cam down with the flu first so not only did i have to take care of the dog but also Mrs Sid as well and all with the flu myself. did i complain? NO. did i winge and whine that i was ill? NO. did i get any sympathy from Mrs Sid? NO. did i get any thanks? have a guess. :cry::cry::lol: (insert faint strains of single violin in background, heaves a heavy sigh and shuffles off stage left with a sorrowful face)

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