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Too old for TV?


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It didn't stop them from putting Ann Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing though did it. :wink:


In fact one BBC Presenter has just won her case against them for age discrimination. :)




I wonder how old these people are who make the decisions that we need youth and not wrinklies? Wouldn't it be funny if they shot themselves in the foot. :D


Maybe the menopause has something to do with Jay Hunts attitude. She is no spring chicken is she? :)

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What then amazes me is that when a programme needs an older person, do they then add make up to a younger person to make them look older.


Does this them not defeat the object of social inclusion or does it not apply to the TV demographic license fee payer, apparently generations of people are getting older for longer and will in time will out number the younger generation?

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I like Dizzy?s version of me, it make?s me look five years younger. :roll:


I had to change my mugshot because to old one stopped working for some reason and in any case it was well past its sell by date. This newer picture was taken in Italy last year on a very sunny day so it?s a bit squinty but at least everyone gets a smile.




Jerry seems to have me sussed though, do I really post like an old fart? :shock::lol::lol:


Bill :)

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Don?t be fooled by the sunshine, this was late September and the best part of our stay was quite wet and not so warm. I didn?t check the forecast, I just assumed it would be warm so I didn?t even bother taking a coat or jacket. My wife said if I needed one she?d buy me a nice Italian one. Well she was as good as her word but what I ended up with was an Italian pak-a-mak costing a Euro. :lol:




Here?s a couple more picies that I managed to get myself onto





This is up Mount Vesuvius which was a bit of a trek for me.


Bill :)

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