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Stockton Heath Village the place to be ?


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Does anyone ever come into Stockton Heath and what do you think of it?


Is there enough variety of shops etc etc


According to front page news a new bakery has now been approved selling hot/cold food and drinks which replaces as shop.


Ethel Austins has closed and plans are underway to turn it into a Bargain Booze type off-licence.


A new Italian Pizza take away opened today which again replaces a clothes shop.


There are a few decent shops left but not many really and they are not particularly central so I guess a lot of shoppers may miss them.


Stockton Heath VILLAGE ... the 'in' place to come as long as you just want pubs, bars, resteraunts, coffee shops, cafes, hairdressers, charity shops and funeral parlours. :shock:


There is a new TATOO parlour too though :) COOL... but sadly you can't see through the windows to see what art is emerging.


I wonder if the owners will use their brains and open on Friday and Saturday nights and prey on all the drunken louts ha ha :lol::wink:

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So you have to be a drunken lout to have a tattoo ?? I wasn't .... and nobody i know who's got them were as well, besides which a tattoo artist won't do any on anyone who has drunk anything as alcohol thins the blood and can cause more bleeding than is necessary from doing the tattoo, plus they could pass out or become violent ......... :wink:

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Oooh sorry I didn't mean it to sound like that... I have no problem with people having tatoos infact some of them are amazing. My brother is a walking work or art :wink:


What I meant was they could tatoo 'idiot' or 'please take me home' or similar on the ones where it was 'appropriate' :oops::lol:


Ohhh I've probably made it sound even worse now :shock:

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Must admit the thought of a multi storey carpark in a little village never really seemed right to me.


Although parts of Stockton Village Heath centre do look quite nice... actually I'll rephrase that as the centre looks scruffy and the outer arms are nicer....


My point is that they have ruined it with an over indulgance of the same type of businesses. I walk through there every day but rarely shop there as there is no variety... you can't even but a pair of socks or a cd.


The local Lidl is not very good compared to the others nearby so I got to the others..


The new Co-op (which replaced Sommerfield) is over priced and usually has empty shelves where the veg/fruit/bread and meat should be... this week being no exception and all down to delivery 'problems' again apparently :roll:


Obvioulsy there is ATJ... taken over a huge chunk of the central retail shops but good if you want something cheapish and don't fancy driving to Woolston :wink:


I miss the old shops like the lovely fruit and veg shop.. fresh, local and lasted like fruit and veg should, the the butchers shop is still there though and hasn't been pushed out which is nice... great pies by the way and well worth a taste :D


What's Lymm and Culcheth Vilages like for shopping in comparison are they better/worse or are they turning into eateries and drinkeries too :?

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The greed and monopoly of the big supermarket chains is killing most smaller villages now ... hence very, very few independant grocers, butchers etc ........ until all these 'our stores all look the same and sell the same crap' places are brought to a halt from taking over everywhere then things will decline even further ........... we were once described as a 'nation of shopkeepers' ... now it's more like a nation of 'one store zombies' :roll:

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Yep the computer shop is still there Algy... although there was a planning application to turn it into a restaurant some months back (not by the computer guy though) :wink:


I meant music cds but then again you can buy those from the big 'M' over the bridge :oops:

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I agree Dizzy, far too many food and drink outlets and not enough other kinds of shops. Lymm is ok to shop for some things but the parking is also a nightmare, even worse than Stockton Heath in my opinion.


I beg to disagree - parking in Lymm is simple now and FREE for two hour on the pay and display car park. Never have a problem there.

Regarding Stockton heath - I live on its doorstep and visit quite often and find it OK as a shopping centre and a place to have a meal out.

Parking is OK once you work out where you can park - sign posting not brilliant.

Actually has more choice of shops than Lymm!

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