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Tip rage


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I had a garage full of cardboard, bottles and cans from Christmas so decided to visit the tip at Woolston on Wednesday. What a mistake.


It was chaos due to the poor parking around the skip. There is enough room for about a dozen well parked cars, but when I went there was a 4x4 parked in the middle of the yard so everyone had to squeeze past.


An elderly chap when approaching the exit before he could park decided to stop in the exit gate. He then proceeded to empty his rubbish at a snails pace.


This meant that no-one could move and the queue to get in was getting bigger by the minute.


The site workers were content to sit in their cabin discussing the chaos whilst listening to their recycled radio. Why couldn't they get off their behinds and direct people to park correctly.


All in all, a very frustrating visit.

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It isn?t just Christmas, trust me, my office is on the same access road and I often just can?t get there because of the queues. Total gridlock again this morning.


Part of the problem is that as we?re all constantly being encouraged to recycle more so right away that puts more people there but the bigger problem is the actual amount of time people spend there. There was a time not so long ago when the only time you went to the tip was to deal with something exceptional that couldn?t realistically be put into the bin but now it?s a case of you need to go there with your normal refuse. Even then, you can?t just throw a black bin bag into a skip, you have to park the car and take the rubbish bit by bit to the relevant containers and all this just adds to the overall time and hence the length of the queues.

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Yes but the problem with that is that I have to walk back home to pick up the car. On the odd occasion when I think I?m not going to be going anywhere and decide to walk, I guarente I?ll end up having to walk back for the car, I think it?s called Sod?s law.


Bill :)

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