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Elf and Safety gone Crackers


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Well seems as though some numpty has now declared xmas crackers in the same bracket as class 1 fireworks and no-one under the age of 16 can buy them. :?


'Fairy nuff' :wink: you may say but it means that anyone who looks under 25 will be asked for ID too due to the 'rules'... that will cause come comotions and giggles at the checkouts eh especially if you have no ID and are refused the sale :lol:


I quote "The policy adopted by many businesses means that shops must ask for ID when selling age-limited items to anyone who looks under 25 - resulting in cashiers challenging people in their mid-20s when they try to buy Christmas crackers."


If they don't check for ID and are caught out or if an ungerage person manages to buy them the stores can face penalties and individual shop assistants could be jailed or fined up to ?5,000.


Madness... as lets face it xmas craackers have been bough for years and years and who usually pulls them.. KIDS... and what's inside most of them... KIDS STUFF :roll::lol:

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They just don't seem to apply any common sense to who they ask for ID - my brother, in his late 50s but looking older was asked for ID when buying a bottle of whisky! Being him, he slammed it down on the counter and walked out! Perhaps if more people who are clearly entitled to purchase things (i.e. 'old' :roll: ) refused to buy when this happens, someone might take notice if it affects their sales!

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Why on earth did they ask him for ID if he's obviously more than old enough... maybe they were just kidding :?:shock::lol:


In the new co-op in Stockton Heath (was Sommerfield) the till operators have to input what they 'think' your age is.


Presume it's some form of market research and people don't even know they do it...... well you do now :wink::lol:


I've often asked the lady who told me what she has put me down as and wether it varies depending on my hair being up or down or my dress sense for the day. :lol: These things can age or youth'enise' you... but they will never tell me their guess :cry:


Grumpy or rude people apparently get put in as being very old regardless of probable age :lol:

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Well a 50+ year old (as per SL's post) is CLEARLY not under the age of 16-25 unless of course they have had a lot of plastic surgery :wink:


I wish every once in a while someone would ask me for ID... that would be a real confidence boost and would make my day :lol:

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