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Bart Simpson strikes again!


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He took a rise out of the local gentry at every opertunity Sid. He once told me that they only ask me to their functions because I'm a bit of a celebrity, and they can show off to their friends.


But I live in a council house, I drive a clapped out old banger, I've no central heating, and I don't have double glazing either. I go to all his house partys, I drink his best wine, I go on his shoots, and all for free, so you tell me who is useing who.


Now then lad, you get the kettle on and I'll go fer chips. then we'll sort his bonfire out. Fireworks? I'll give the owld b"gger fireworks. :D and he did. :D:D

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not sure about record shops.

i know that a music/cd selling magazine has some of them Mrs sid came across it many years back and has been on the mailing list ever since. they have a website but i will not post it here in case i get into bother with big G


i cannot say where i got mine :wink: but have six cds.


Laughter with a bang

lift off

watch out for the bits

TNT for two


gelly babe


there are a few on youtube as well




i will advise that some contain strong language.

my favourite on there is the crematorium.


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Warming the pies?

Apart from Knickerbrook, My favourite has to be the guy running along the canal just as an explosion was to take place, shouting "Go back, go back" to a bargee.


Thanks SID, just listened to a few. What a great tonic.

They don't make them like that anymore.

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too true, but remember not a lot of elf and safety in those days. as shown by the ICI men and the gundog :shock::shock:


i must admit that i also liked some of the photos that were on the album covers. like the "telephone exchange" one showing miles of fuse wire going into the bottom of the chimney.

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