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Vase sold for ?43 million!

Sue Durnim

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18th Century Qianlong Chinese porcelain vase auctioned for a staggering ?43m


The lucky family who inherited the bungalow from an uncle, where the vase was discovered, it?s like life imitating art as in the ?Only Fools and Horses? TV episode, where they sell an antique watch for millions.


It is amazing to think that you go through life, scrimping and saving to put a roof over your head and food on the table and doing without, not knowing that in the attic you have millions of pounds just waiting to be found. I am sure there is a moral there somewhere?


I am off to explore the attic and every cupboard and corners of the garage to look for items that may be of value, I may be gone sometime!

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Would they have to pay inheritance tax on that :lol:


Talk about lucky eh... nothing in my loft other than toys, insulation, cobwebs and dust :cry:


I often wonder how many valuable painings and vases etc finish up being dumped on the tip by unsuspecting people :shock::?

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The auctioneers made a killing as well I believe. Something like 4 Million rips.

So far this week, I've broken 5 cups in my house, all from the minger dynasty. They don't bounce well on a quarry tiled floor. :wink:


They gave it out on the news ?8 million in commission, I am the first to appreciate craftsmanship and realise that there are collectors that are prepared to put their hands in their pockets, but it really does astound me how they come to value items especially pottery at those levels :roll:

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