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Big job?


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the answer to that question obs is simple.


if they were working in your road would you be happy at a road digger operating at two in the morning.


Since nearly 25% of people now work some sort of shift pattern based around earlies, lates or full 24/7 then digging up the road at 2am and getting the job over and done with as fast as possible isn't going to cause any more inconvenience than digging up bits of it every morning for a week.


.......except to the poor shovel monkeys who can't skive off down to the butty shop quite as easily on a night shift, that is.

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Disagree with that post. If you are on 6-2 all week and have to be up 4.30/5. you don't want your sleep disturbing because of road works, No better if you work nights as you want to sleep duriong the day. At least with the latter, you might be able to sleep at someone else's house until it is finished.

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Much better to get a job done in one hit by crews working around the clock. That way you only get one - or at most two - disturbed sleep periods, rather than trying to get through an entire week of nights with no proper sleep.


Yes, but do we have companies with that drive and ability?

I thought when they planned these things, they thought of a number and doubled it.

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In Florida the summer time road crews work from 7PM to 7AM - to avoid heat prostration; otherwise they work 7AM-7PM, Monday through Saturday.


There is a bridge in a place called John's Pass that has had construction going on for over 4 years. They have just finally finished. I do not want to know how many millions it cost us.


As in Ancient Roman times -- civilization crumbles from within faster than any other way. :roll:

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