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NHS Car parking fees to stay.


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If it's a one off hospital appointment then I personally don't mind having to pay a small amount (not that it is small at the moment)


I think it is very unfair though that family members of sick relatives who are in hospital for some time have to pay every time they visit them :cry:

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I had my mother in law in hospital for several months and eventually we just stopped paying because most of the time we?d get in only to find her fast asleep and so more often than not, we were out again after about 5mins.


A fairer system would be one that didn?t demand money up front but maybe issued a ticket that could only be validated in the wards (a bit like Asda) That way unauthorised parking would be minimised and people wouldn?t have the worry of getting clamped while visiting. :idea:


Bill :)

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For the valid hospital user who have appointments via a letter etc, maybe the letter should contain barcode that a car park entry system or kiosk can scan, entitling the user to get a reduced or refund on a parking space?


Best buy the hospital some new laser printers then. Have you seen print quality of the average appointment letter? You'd have no chance of getting a barcode printed like that to scan on anything!

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I don't know Obs... how did you manage... I'm not that old :?


Apart from the fact that a lot of people didn't have cars of course. I presume that's what you are getting at :wink::lol:


Of course medicine and hospitals were probably not as good in the 50's as they are today so sick people probably stayed at home and died a lot quicker..... resulting in family members not having to go far to visit them or having to go for very long :oops::shock::oops:

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Was it better in those days then Obs?


We still have district nurses these days but they aren't trained in diagnosing illness they are they are there to change dressings etc or check on patients... was it the same then?


As for school nurses weren't they only trained in nit identification. I remember ours at school 'nitty nora the bug explorer' and if she ever spotted one on anyone she'd go pale and freak out :lol:


The NHS these days seems to waste a lot of money on 'duplicate' staff. Any general trip to A&E proves this.


On arrival you take a ticket and wait.


Then once your numbers called you get booked in by reception who ask you what the problem is and types it into the 'system'.


Then you wait..... until your numbers called again.... when you see another person who asks the same questions and types the info into the same 'system'.


Then you go to another area where you wait again... and are finally assessed by a nurse....who then always needs a second opinion from a more qualfied doctor/person ?


You wait again ... maybe for an xray or maybe just be be told all is well !?!?


Normal turn around time is 4 HOURS regardless with more than 5 'professionals' involved!!!! :?


Not good really and no wonder it all costs so much :?

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Think visiting nurses did slightly more Diz, babies could be born at home them days: school health screening was slightly more than checking for nits and folk had all their jabs too! A&E is a joke cos they don't employ a triage system, with the top man seeing you FIRST, and assigning you to the relevent level of treatment - must be too much like work for a top consultant. :roll:

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